Friday, January 25, 2013

What a great workout today. I actually was on the treadmill twice (2 ten minute sessions) as per my coach. Smaller workouts adding up to larger ones. THEN, I got on the recumbent, cycled for a solid 15.6 miles in 56 minutes. Loved it with a good sweat and burn. Post workout lunch was peanut butter/spinach/protein/cayenne (yes you read correctly) powder shake. Loved every bit of it. I drove my son to a butcher so he could make his steak tartare recipe, had a great bonding session with him.

I never at tartare before, but it was good. We did a lot of research before getting the meat and learned proper technique for preparing and what to ask for. The butcher has done this before so I felt comfortable. Great day overall.

Off to another comedy show tonight with the wifey. Should be fun; we're going to a casino tonight where she won $1500 a few months back. I also won significantly more a year or two ago. Fun times to be had by everybody today.

I hope your day is going as well as mine, if not, I would be happy and love to hear your story. Today, I feel I can encourage and help where I can. I also put up 3 motivation pictures on my wall in the office. I see them every day as I walk toward the desk. Good stuff foiks. Keep up the Spark spirit and lets do this! My next weigh in is on Tuesday; looking forward....whatever that means. Trying to really not make the scale any big deal because I can tell by the mirror and how the clothing fits as a good weight loss gauge.

The weekend is here, make it yours!

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