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end of week 2

Friday, January 25, 2013

Recap of this weeks work.

- I managed to track 2/7 days
- I drank my 8 cups 4/7 days
- I shoveled 50 minutes Saturday and had a walk thursday
- Stayed for sure in calorie range for 1/7 days

I slept quite a lot less. Still having 10 hours night but I am having a nap only once every second day now. So that is improvement again

I have started to think about my going back to work in 3 weeks. Got my Opus+ membership done so starting March 1st I'll have my automatic monthly transit pass. I am alos trying to get mentaly back to work. starting next week, I should start using the alarm to get up in the morning. maybe start with a later time but have a shcedule. Because when I go back to work, I'll have to be up at 5! haven't done that in a while

Enough about this here is the results :

Starting weight 1/1/2011 : 258
Starting spark weight 4/16/2011 : 231.3 lbs
lowest weight since starting this : 225.8 lbs
1/1/2013 weight : 263 lbs

week 1 weight : 259.6 lbs
week 2 weight : 258.4 lbs
Difference : -1.2 lbs

Weight difference since start : +0.4 lbs
Weight difference since spark : +27.1 lbs
Weight difference since lowest mesured : +32.6
Weight difference since highest mesured : -4.6 lbs

lbs to goal 78.4lbs

another loss! that is great! and I only have 0.4 pounds to lose before I get under my starting weight!

Apparently I am on the right track. I'll keep improving what I did this week.

goals for this week
- track more than 2 days
- stay within calorie range more than one day
- exercise more than 90 minutes
- keep being mindfull of the type of food I eat

I can do it... I can do it.... I can do it....
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