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Dear Me (BLC21 Goals)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dear Me,
I know you are kind of a mess right now. The re-entry process after a long vacation is tough. And you are still feeling bleah. But I think you will see that as you start to make positive changes, you will start to feel better.

Therefs a lot you want to do, but itfs kind of hard to do all at once. So letfs start with Part 1 now. You can add Part 2 in as you feel like it, but no later than February 1. Same with Part 3, but its start date should be no later than February 8.


OK, here is my plan!

Overall, I want to have more energy, run better, look more toned, and drop the vacation weight Ifm toting around. So, Ifve divided the things I want to do into 3 parts.

Part 1: Food
Goal 1: Nourish myself
I've been hungry since I got back from the US, and I have almost nothing healthy to eat that doesnft require lots of prep. I canft ask myself to do the things I want to do (work, walk everywhere, work out, stay healthy through life, run faster and farther) without giving myself the nutrition my body needs.
Quick Start: I will go shopping tonight even though I think Ifll be tired.
Long Term: I will keep healthy foods in my house that can be eaten with a minimum of prep
Goal 2: Desugarify myself
I lost the bulk of my weight by cutting drastically back on sugar. Sugar and I donft do well together. It starts with a little sugar in the coffee and snowballs from there.
Quick Start: I will not buy any sweets for the next month

Part 2: Exercise
Now: Keep on exercising as I can, aiming for at least 20 min a day.
Goal 1: Stamina
Go back to the half marathon training plan from last year. Jump in wherever feels good and go from there. 4x/wk
Goal 2: Speed
Incorporate speed training for the midweek runs. 2x/wk (part of the 4 runs)
Goal 3: Strength
Strengthen leg muscles for running. Work on core, back, and arms to look good. 3x/wk

Part 3: Sleep and Stress
Coming soon! I know I need to work on my sleep habits and reduce stress, but Ifm not really sure what to do.
Turn off backlit electronic devices an hour before bed
Go to sleep
Bath with essential oils
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