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Trying to be productive

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm trying to be productive today. I had a mental list of things to mark off... and so far today I:

A) e-mailed the realtor back and set up an appt for next week

B) e-mailed my boss to set up a defense date, and found out I apparently HAVE to have a committee meeting (boo)

C) e-mailed someone asking them to join my committee since I unfortunately lost a member who died last last year

D) e-mailed the people still on my committee to try and schedule a meeting

E) ate a ton of protein for breakfast (and can't stop eating -- I need help!)

F) e-mailed to set up a meeting to discuss some of my results with the two PIs in charge of that project

G) rescheduled my plastic surgeon appt since there's a cool lecture this friday (nerd alert)

H) and staying positive!

So for the rest of the day I need to bust my butt on some more data analysis and try to whip up a power point for the study meeting and potentially for my committee meeting...

And then hopefully they'll let me graduate! And then hopefully my house will sell! And hopefully I'll still be losing weight! (Can you all tell I had a ridiculous amount of caffeine this morning?!?!?)

So that's it. I need to keep this focus and continue the barrage of e-mails and cold e-mail some labs about potential post-docs in St. Louis~! I should probably avoid exclamation marks in those e-mails, huh?!?
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