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Day #214 - Mood swing...disgusted, disappointed, confused oh my

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yesterday - Elliptical 30 minutes - started at 10/1 decreased every 5 minutes and treadmill - 30 minutes increasing incline intervals

Weigh-in this morning gain .09 a pound! emoticon I am so tired of this up down, up down it ALMOST makes me want to just say forget it. But I can't say that because I'll never get to where I'm aiming to go. So I continue on and keep making adjustments to my plan. YES ... I can't deny it...I'm disappointed as I'm sure all of us will/have been. Especially after you've worked so hard exercising, tried to keep to your eating plans, drank your water and been 90% on target. I expected some change. Well I got change just in the wrong direction. I was going to take my measurements to see if anything had shifted but I was running late.

Yes I've gone down a size in clothes, I can almost fit some things that wouldn't even come to my waist, even the skirt I have on today is lose in the waist. But with the hard work I expect to see the scale move. Why is this always our primary focus? If it doesn't move in the right direction we feel I'm not doing something right!!! I know what I do daily, I know this body of mines is confused as heck right now, but I know also that quitting is not an option. I think I've made a lot of changes in my diet in a short period of time and perhaps my body is not friendly to the variations. So I'm going back to what was working and sticking with it for the rest of this month and next month. I am going to track more diligently and I was about to send my bodybugg back but I think I'll keep it and start using it. I know, I know I've said it before but it's serious now. emoticon I will continue to mix things up with my workout and get more serious about my weight training. I won't use that thought of muscle weighs more to compensate for the gain. With muscle and toning my body should reshape and burn more calories so...I'm going in...

SparkFriends if you're reading this...I need one of those tough trainer talks... an in your face ... yelling... pissed off at me talks... You know the kind Jillian Michaels gives in the gym!!! Of course if it was actually happening ain't no telling what would happen to her emoticon but anyway, go hard when you reply I can take it. Great advice is welcome and I know my Sparkers Debbi and go hard Nikki will be right on me. I'm not out...I'm just a bit down... but I am a come back woman at heart!!! Stay tuned...
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  • TBABY_8
    Girl, I felt like you were talking to me. I needed to hear this. Thanks for giving me a wake up call. I needed this. And you can do this. Now get back up and get focused and let's do this!!!!! emoticon
    1878 days ago
    1878 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    emoticon You might need to change up your workout and watch your sodium intake. I went to step aerobics yesterday after almost talking myself out of it. Get out of your comfort zone! You got this! emoticon
    1878 days ago
    Thanks ladies --- I knew I could count on you guys to give it to me straight.

    @Nikki - yes, I brought the bugg and haven't started using it. I really had misplaced it during my holiday company and just found it while purging my room this weekend (under a pile of clothes) tee-hee. I'm going to attempt the couch25K once I can get it to work on my ipod, android phone somewhere. I'm going to keep at it don't worry and thanks.

    I only weigh once a week. Monthly doesn't work for me as I find I've went the entire month and lose nothing is worse for me. As I could have changed something up and didn't.
    1879 days ago
    Ok, so you bought a BodyBugg and you are not using it??????? I am utterly confused. With anything we do, it only works if you STICK with it. Had you been using the bug daily and tracking everything you put in your mouth and exercising daily like I know you do, then the weight will come off. It may not come off today, but it will come off. If you are PISSED right now, that is fine, be pissed. But how about you put that energy into your plan. How about you get off the eliptical and PUSH YOURSELF to do something out of your comfort zone? You have goten much to comfortable there and while you may break a sweat, I can assure you that if you wore your BodybUgg, you would see that you aren't working as hard as you think you are. Try jogging on the treadmill. And if you can't jog quite yet, do inclines on the treadmill. Committ to finishing your workouts with 15 minutes on the stairstepper. Whatever it takes, you have got to do this because you are not happy with your body and your health and you know it could be better and you know you deserve to have better so quit cheating yourself with this pity party!
    1879 days ago
    Stick with it lady, this is something you CAN do! Perhaps that little gain is the water weight your muscles have been holding on to with allthe working out. Perhaps 'ol Aunt Flo is serving up her bloat for the month - if you FEEL better and your shrinking in the waist then stick with what your doing. I applaud you for not giving up and agree on meausrements. You should definetly measure your self tonight and use that as a way to track your weightloss. Perhaps give the scale some closet time for the remainder of the month, then check it out next week. You got this!
    1879 days ago
    I would stay off the scale. When losing I weighed in once a month, on the 1st. The little fluctuations day to day are just that. They play havoc with your mindset and motivation. Why put yourself through that? I also took my measurements at the same time, it was very motivating to see the inches I was losing.

    Keep on pushing and you will get to where you want to go. emoticon
    1879 days ago
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