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Christmas gifts head to toe -- Fashion Show Item #1: Cold Weather Head Gear

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This Christmas I asked for workout things for gifts (...and I bought a few for myself as well!)

I've learned from SP that having the right equipment helps make a difference in your workout attitude and remarkably, even your health!

In a previous blog, I showed you my magic shoes. They were very important to me! When I first started sparkling my husband was unemployed and it was kinda hard for me to buy anything expensive. I did the best I had with what I already owned. I said, "it's not a fashion show and it's not a contest with anyone else," and for awhile, that was fine. I told myself, "I just need to work out."

Even now, I don't have that much work out equipment and it's still not a fashion show but even I will admit, some thing's really do help. I've been meaning to show all the pictures of the gifts and write about their benefits since Christmas, but I haven't been able to put it all in one blog. So rather than wait to be perfect, I'll just start at my head and work my way down!!

Fashion Show Item #1: Cold Weather Head Gear

I could not believe what this wacky hat does -- incredibly, it's got some kind of magic "wicking" technology, which moves the moisture away from your skin so it evaporates and doesn't collect on you. OMG!!!!

As you can see, immediately after a 45 minute walk/run, my scalp and hair are NOT wet!

What a time saver -- that's a benefit of more than a good 20 minutes with the blow dryer! Totally worth the $20 investment!

When it's not cold, I just throw my baseball cap on! I only have two of them, and I've had these hats since college (that's over 25 years) -- I just never had an occasion to wear them before!

Well, I will work my way down to the magic shoes over the coming days and weeks, just sharing what I've learned about exercise equipment and workout gear. Maybe somebody new will get some information that helps them as much as it's helped me sharpen my skills and my workout attitude!

Spark on sisters!!!! (and brothers!)

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