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Really - Its True - I Have Food Issues !!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I was bored last night, which lead to mindless munching but eventually even that came to a stop and I had to find something to do for at least an hour.

I picked up my book, which I had been ignoring for some time, and began reading it again.

The book in itself is not a diet book and its presented in a way that is enjoyable and provides valuable information. I'll be reading it again tonite after the muffins are done, I do not want to burn the muffins !

This book is called Mindless Eating, written by Brian Wansink, PH.D. in 2006/2007. The book is a gem with all the advise and suggestions, if you are a mindless eater like I am and I never thought I was one. The book is full of studies that the author did in the last few years about eating habits and what not. I actually found it interesting because its not just about statistics, it describes how these studies were conducted and some of them had me laughing out loud!

I really thought I eat healthy, that I weigh , measure and eat the correct portions ... wake up call happened last night.

I was reading about portion control and visual affects and found myself really relating to some of the studies that were conducted - but not as a participant, but someone watching from the side. You see, the author talked about the size of dish you use, bowl, or what have you and how the bigger the dish/bowl/what have you, the more we eat, and I found myself thinking that had I been in that study I would have been disappointed to be given a small plate instead of large plate .. and then it hit me, I've always worried about not having a big enough portion on my plate !

I realise as a child I learnt to devour my food before someone else did. I also realised that being poor and lacking in good food has a lot to do with my eating habits today.

The good news is that this can be turned around with a few simple changes - but one has to WANT to change ...

1. smaller plates - now anyone with their great grandma's dish setting would be able to understand this better, but dish size has grown, in your great grandma's day the dishes would not have been so big - so next time your in an antic shop, check out any sets they have and see the size and dimensions - small compared to what we have today. I seldom use my dinner plates, I mostly use the bread plate and cereal/soup bowl...

2. visual aids - the cheerios I had this week is a prime example. When i poured a bowl, I filled it to the brim - without measuring - and I ate it all - but if I had measured out what a normal serving is, I would felt like I was still hungry - and not satisfied because the normal serving would have been dwarfed in my bowl. The suggestion is to take bulk items that you eat a lot and store them in zip lock bags or containers, smaller ones, so that you are not tempted by visual to eat more. The more there is, the more you'll eat, mindlessly .... so turn that to an advantage.

3. See-foods - these are foods you see and think you need to have. There are several ways to address this but the best way is to have the most healthiest of foods be your see foods, so instead of a bowl of M&M's you can use a bowl of fruit ... you get the picture, right?

I highly recommend this book, there is so much more that you should know that I have not touched on. Get it from your local library - everyone should have it, it was after all commented on by O, the Oprah Magazine.

In closing I hope I excited you enough to want to know more, but if you are already know it all then this would have bored you...

Do you know why French women aren't fat? Get the book and find out emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Portion control is so hard! I've looked for 9" plates ('normal' ones are now 12") and you are right - they are very hard to find.
    1874 days ago
    Yes using smaller plate's and bowel's have helped me alot. emoticon for taking the time to blog about this emoticon emoticon Faith
    1875 days ago
    I thought about reading this earlier, finally did it now, TRYING a bunch of things to distract myself. I have had a day of eating non-stop, just one thing after another------I will see if the library has this because I think it would be very helpful for me.
    Thanks Lindie
    1878 days ago
  • VALBOY2010
    Great blog, Lindie. As I was reading about the plate size, I was thinking about when we visit Mom - she has different sizes of plates and we always seem to put the larger plates on the table for supper when the smaller ones would do just as well. I'll have to change that... It will probably help me to eat less and still feel full. Thanks for the wake up call...
    1878 days ago
    That sounds like my dh when it comes to ice cream and strawberries---we were raised to have a small dish of them---which I still love to use those dishes for myself----but he has to have a few strawberries with a huge bowl of whipped cream---Why don't they just want to enjoy those strawberries on their own?
    1878 days ago
  • VOLARI52
    After I post this I am reserving that book at the library ...always love the books you recommend .....thanks Lindie...sounds like another winner!
    1879 days ago
    Good blog Lindie. I do tend to use smaller bowls - rarely bring out my dinner plates. But I am definitely a visual eater - that is the one i am working on. All the best with your efforts.
    1879 days ago
    I was in a big family and I eat fast--couldn't gt seconds unless you finished first. So I am supposed to try to overcome that--not doing too great!
    1879 days ago
    When I have cereal, I have taken to eating it in a coffee mug. It is closer to a serving size than the bowls I have - which have me eating 2-3 servings! The mug is full to the brim and I feel satisfied. I know, it is one of those mind over matter things - but it works for this girl! No more mindless oversize bowls of cereal for me!

    Good luck with being more mindful!! emoticon
    1879 days ago
    Very informative, I use the weightwatchers bread because I get 2 slices for 100 calories. I am always surprised by how small and thin the slices are though. I bet in the old days that was the normal size of a loaf of bread. My mom had some bread pans and they were really small. Even muffins have gotten so big, the average one at Tim Hortons is over 400 calories,[the same number as I am allowed for my whole lunch]. emoticon I am trying to let smaller portions and dishes become my new normal size.
    1879 days ago
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