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Defending Against Dementia

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Loved this article in yesterday's Toronto Globe and Mail about warding off dementia.

Reducing calorie intake by 33% helps discourage abnormal protein deposit in the brain. The same abnormal protein deposit that's associated with dementia.

Reading helps sustain cognitive function. Way more fun for me than kenken or sudoku etc. I love to read. New ideas, new stories to discuss with other people is apparently the key.

Sustaining equanimity is good too. Deliberately. Accepting that life includes unpleasant surprises without freaking out. Normalizing them, I suppose.

I can do that. And in particular, this provides me with additional motivation to stay lean.

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  • KANOE10
    Good article and good reason to stay thin and healthy. I have read that crossword puzzles help also. Thanks for sharing.
    1878 days ago
    I heard a very long interview with several Alzheimer researchers on NPR the other day. It's amazing what they are finding out. The Western diet is killing us!

    Thanks for sharing the article.
    1878 days ago
    Great confirmation, that article is!

    One of the best things I like about finally migrating from my dumbphone to my iPhone 4S hand-me-down from my son is the ease & accessibility of books and reading. Anytime I'm stuck waiting in line or somewhere else...? Out pops my book! Used to read voraciously when younger, but somehow life carved that outta me...until now! :-)

    1879 days ago
    Here's to emoticon motivation!
    1879 days ago
  • DEBRA0818
    No better message could be sent to an aging population -- and we're always an aging population when you think about it.

    1879 days ago
    Always good to have this kind of info. Now is the time to keep the brain in good working order while it is possible. Like every other organ in the body it needs to be exercised consistently.
    1879 days ago
    I've also read that travel to new places helps with cognitive skills as we age, and helps stave off dementia - so you need to plan to meet up with us. Australia this year? Some Pacific Island in 2014?
    1880 days ago
    Thanks for telling us about an interesting article.
    Looks like there are more and more reasons to stay slim!
    1880 days ago
    Thank you for sharing the interesting article.
    I try to stay active, mentally and physically, emulating my elder care clients who are active and happy well into their 90's-
    one is 91 and on a theater trip to London this week (yikes- snowstorms!)
    one died still pretty vital at 99-
    one is 98 and just drifting off mentally now.

    1880 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Done is done. Terminal stupidity set in years ago. I lose about 3 to 5 IQ points a year.

    That said, some things that help: online crossword puzzles (We like the free ones on the Washington post website) and watching Jeopardy in the evenings.

    Every now and then I also shame myself in the cyber-presence of more intelligent Spark-friends.
    1880 days ago
    My Dad is 99. He's a little foggy at times, but does pretty well. These are his habits that I'd like to emulate:

    1. Exercise regularly.
    2. Do strength training.
    3. Eat fruits and vegetables.
    4. Read lots.
    5. Stay interested.
    6. Stay cheerful.
    1880 days ago
    Both of my parents were stricken with Alzheimer's. It was tough facing everything they went through and watching them deteriorate into breathing shells and not much more. Thankfully, they are both gone now. Mom died in 2011, Dad in 2012. I do all I can to "prevent" it but it's a lottery with the deck stacked against me. I listen attentively any time these news articles are reported and advice is given - it all ends with the sobering message that once Alzheimer's is diagnosed, nothing will help you. Let's hope a cure is found - and soon! In the meantime, I've living to the fullest!
    1880 days ago
    I will now consider my reading time part I my overall healthy regimen. Fun and healthy, now that I like.
    1880 days ago
    Thanks for this helpful info.
    1880 days ago
    Very important issue. I read the article and wanted more. I'll be on the lookout. You did a great job of picking out the important parts. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    When my mother was about 50 years old and I was 30 she took me aside and said, "When I'm old I want you to remember I have always been this way." She was a professor - to some extent, the stereotypical absent minded professor. I must say, though, that at 85 her forgetfulness is more pervasive, although she is still quite independent. I hope that lasts. I guess we all hope that for ourselves. I can't imagine much worse than Alzheimer's. It is a horrible disease. Hope for a cure soon.
    1880 days ago
    Thanks for the info! Good to know that what's healthy in one area spills over into health in other areas.
    1880 days ago
    Good information about a devastating disease. Thank you for posting.
    1880 days ago
    Thankyou for posting this blog. emoticon its very informative.I don't think enough about this subject. best lesleyanne.
    1880 days ago
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