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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I can't stand goals. Maybe it's just me and some warped part of my personality, but whenever I've set a goal for myself--whether weight-related or for any other aspect of my life--I fall short of meeting that goal. That failure sets me up for depression and, usually, giving up completely. I can be making great progress in an area I'm trying to improve, then I set a goal for myself. I don't meet that goal (ALWAYS happens), and I see my efforts as a failure. It doesn't matter how well I've done so far, or how committed I am or how realistic my goals are. But this time will be different. I haven't actually set a goal for myself this time on my weight loss journey. EXCEPT for last month. I decided that it was time to step up my weight loss a little to start this year off right. I'd already lost 89 lb. and was making steady progress--very slow, but steady. My metabolism is really screwed up after a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, so really good progress for me is 1/2 lb. a week. But I thought if I went on a liquid protein diet for 6 weeks, it would step up the pace a bit and help me stay motivated to stick it out for the long haul (I still have well over 100 lb. more to lose to get to a 'normal' weight). So I started on the liquid 3 weeks ago, hoping for a 2-lb. weekly loss during those 6 weeks. The goal I set for myself was to lose 100 lb. total by Valentine's Day. I'd already lost 89 lb. and had just 11 lb. to go, so that seemed perfectly do-able. And yet, here I am halfway into my liquid diet and I still have 8 lb. to go. Even on 800 calories of liquid protein a day (AND NOTHING ELSE) and exercising faithfully every day, it looks like I'll fall short of that goal. I don't have any explanati9on for it except that it's typical of what happens whenever I set a goal for myself. Losing 11 lb. in 6 weeks sounds like a very rational goal to me--especially while taking in only 800 liquid calories a day. But, as I said, my metabolism is screwed up. I'm feeling frustrated that I am not losing more--only 3 lb. in 3 weeks, but I won't let it get me down! I can't afford to lose my momentum after coming this far.
So I'll hang onto the successes and forget about that 'goal'--my only REAL goal is getting healthy, continuing to lose weight and gain fitness by making the lifestyle changes needed to achieve that healthy lifestyle. And I'm doing that. Last night I was caller at our weekly bingo game. I was able to wear a new top in size XL--first time in over 15 years I've been in that size! And several people told me how good I looked and they were interested in how much I've lost so far (92 lb. as of today) and how I did it. I absolutely LOVE telling people I did it with the help of SparkPeople and all the wonderful friends there who keep me going. And I've referred several friends and acquaintances to SP too! Sharing my success and spreading the Spark is just as satisfying as losing weight myself. So I won't be setting any goals again any time soon. But I WILL be continuing on my journey, racking up the losses 1/2 lb. at a time if necessary. And while I may not reach 100 lb. lost by Valentine's Day, I WILL reach it--one day soon. And you will definitely hear about it when I do!! Thanks for being there in the meantime.
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    I responded to NIGHTSKYSTAR in a private message, but should have posted here for anyone else to read. I AM under my doctor's close supervision and am only doing 6 weeks of liquid--not long term. Most of my losses have been through following my low calorie, healthy food choice regimen on SparkPeople. My body wasn't shutting down after just the first 3 weeks on liquid. In fact, I have dropped another 2 pounds just the past few days, so my body IS responding. Once I reviewed the past week when I wasn't losing well even on liquid, I realized that it's been quite chilly here and my arthritis has been bothering me a lot. Generally when the weather bothers my arthritis, I retain liquid around the joints as a protection and now that the cold spell has left, I've lost that liquid too. I certainly would not be doing liquid for any length of time, as I know all too well that it can be VERY unhealthy and was never designed to be used long term. But it is highly recommended by most doctors if used as directed for short term weight loss by the extremely obese.
    1820 days ago
    I think it is reasonable to let goals go and just be healthy. But I agree with NIGHTSKYSTAR and SP. Unless a doctor has put you on a supervised (visits, blood tests) liquid diet, you are lucky to have lost what you have and your body by now has decided that it needs to hold onto its fat reserves to keep you alive through starvation. I would go back to the range given by SP. Calorie cycling (CC) can be a good boost to your metabolism. Work within the SP range. Do one day at the lowest calorie level, do the next near the high end . Three days lay in the middle.alternating with another near low end day(50-75) cal above lowest range and you have one more day that is at he top of your high end. If you google calorie cycling calculator, there is one at free that will give you cycling ranges and which day for which calorie amount. You can use their numbers or substitute SP. This I have found effective because it fools your body and your body rarely finds a plateau. Good luck and please don't starve your body.

    1824 days ago
    Getting stronger, eating well, strengthening your immune system, being happier and more content more of the time, these are processes. I agree that it's better to learn as you go, enjoy the journey. I think you're winning while you're going. Leave the race to the finish line to the kids. They'll learn sometime.
    1825 days ago
    You might not like my comment--are you doing this liquid protein with a dr's program?? 800 Cals a day isn't enough--I speak from experience I GAINED doing that. Body went into starvation mode and when my doc found out, well, lets just say he wasn't happy with me.
    If you are doing it with dr supervision ask what they think.

    I'm beside you all the way--I know you will reach your goals!! Big hugs!
    1825 days ago
  • JILL313
    Hi Cherie, You're doing so well and celebrate all your great success. The most important thing is you are a lot Healthier now and probably get around easier than you did. I also hate setting a WL Goal as I never seem to meet the date I set to reach it but always end up losing it eventually. I am so proud of you for consistently eating less and moving more!! You are a Winner in my Book.


    1825 days ago
    1825 days ago
    I really think it is wrong when people set "goals" that are outcomes. If you are doing it right, you can't dictate how your body reacts. I would rephrase your goal as "staying on a liquid protein diet for 6 weeks while exercising X days per week." That way it is all in your hands. If you lose 11 pounds along the way, good for you! If not, you still succeeded at your part.
    1826 days ago

    Don't give up or give in! You've come so far and should be proud of your consistent efforts!

    1826 days ago
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