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Learning to Recognize Success and Having Positivity

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Okay, I so realize that the title of this blog sounds like a self-help book. That is not my intention at all. I am not a fan of self-help books. The jargon just makes me roll my eyes and yell BS every time.

BUT, I AM trying to recognize successes in myself and be more positive. Looking back over the past several months, my blogs are a roller-coaster of emotion. I have a really good day, I blog about it. I have a really bad day, I blog about it. Those blogs are usually back to back. The point is not that I'm crazy (I'm not, I swear) but that I don't stay down for long. I'm a generally chipper person, and I prefer being happy to miserable. (Hey, some people don't, okay?) But I'm also a realist and a skeptic, so I tend to be wary of some things.

Either way, I want to list a bunch of NSVs I've had recently.

As you know, on Sunday I hung out with my bestie.

-I walked 9200 steps that day.
-Every item of clothing I bought was a medium or large.
-I made good food choices throughout the day

But bestie hung out with me until after 8 pm. I hadn't yet eaten dinner, and had only had a protein bar after lunch as a snack. When she left, hubby decided he desperately wanted KFC or Five Guys. *sigh* I KNEW I couldn't stay on track at Five Guys, so I checked out KFC and decided if I got a 3 piece chicken strip and mashed potatoes I would fit within the range I had left for dinner. So we went. Did I order just the chicken strip and mashed potatoes? No. I got the meal, which came with another side and a biscuit. *double sigh* So we get it home, and I sit down to eat. I eat half my biscuit. MMmmm... biscuit... then I set it aside and started in on my mashed potatoes. I ate ALL the mashed potatoes and then I ate ALL of my second side... GREEN BEANS! Then I decided I would only eat TWO of my chicken strips, and save the last one, half of my buffalo dipping sauce and the other half of the biscuit for the next day.



Monday I walked over 8,200 steps because we grocery shopped and then went out shopping again later. I also walked the dog an extra long amount of time on purpose. I went over my calories by 11 but that's not so bad.

Yesterday I was under my max calories by 146 and I drank 14 glasses of water. I also kept my sodium in range. I was crabby yesterday morning and afternoon but on the way home last night I was blasting Florence + The Machine in my car and singing along and this wave of 'okayness' came over me. I just felt... at peace. I realized that although I was grumpy yesterday, I hadn't had a single bout of anxiety all day, which has been a real problem for me lately. Last night I watched the series premiere of The Taste and spent the first half of the show strength training while I watched. I finished up with a small amount of plain Fage 0% yogurt and a tiny bit of local blueberry blossom honey I had bought at the animal sanctuary. Yum!

Last night I slept better. I still woke up twice but not nearly as bad as I have for the last few nights. I think a bunch of people have had trouble sleeping the last few days, so maybe it IS the weather.

Either way, I'm definitely recognizing NSVs and trying to be more positive. emoticon

PS - PUNKY100 was the blouse winner! I mailed it today.

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