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****stella is getting her GROOVE back!****

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That was a little Tony McMillan reference there. I have been down a little for the past week or so. I was not feeling confident in my ability to maintain my weight loss journey and work two jobs. I came to realize that when I am working at Red Lobster, I am working hard and doing a lot of moving and lifting. If I eat the way I eat throughout the week on those days, then those shifts will actually HELP me towards my goal because they have been some of my highest caloric burn days. I just have to make sure I am not eating cookies and pie every shift. I have also been hungrier than usual. I don't know how to tame that beast other than trying to fill up on water and tea in between snacks and meals.

My sister has been overcome with a wild fit of motivation. I am so excited for her because she WANTS it now more than I want it for her. I wish this shift didn't come when I am struggling but yesterday I told her that I need her to now motivate ME and push ME. She did that last night. She came into the gym hype and ready to workout. I have never seen her that excited AND focused. I was proud of her. She said that seeing me in my wedding dress kicked her into gear. I am so looking forward to better weather so we can get outside and get moving. Until then, the gym workouts will do.

Know that Sie has found her mojo, she has friends that want to tag along with us now. I am fine with that, to an extent. I can't expect folks to be at the same fitness level as us but what I won't tolerate is someone telling us everything they REFUSE to do before the workout even starts. Her friend yesterday had such an attitude and a chip on her shoulder. I had to tell her, "You ain't trying to workout for real. You are playing right now." She got mad or whatever but I was just like, I am here for me and my sister, that is it. You do you. I will worry about us. So we did the elliptical for a half hour and then left her there while we did Zumba. Tonight is another Zumba class, treadmill and upper body work, approximately an hour and 45 minutes.

I went shopping this weekend and wasn't too excited about how some of the size 16's were fitting. The pants all fit perfectly. It was the tops. The flowy fabric ones. I was shopping at New York and Company and most of their XL tops did not fit! They were too tight on my forearms and shoulders. They covered my belly, but it was just so weird because I carry my weight in my tummy and hips and for the 16s to work there but not on my arms and shoulders made me feel like a linebacker. I did get some cute things though. This is what I wore today:

and with a smile and better lighting:

My tank top is a bit big so it was kind of distracting but the sweater and slacks are so cute. The slacks are slim-fit ankle pants in a diamond pattern. With the exception of them being low-rise (this should never happen), I absolutely love them. I am just feeling so much better today and I am not feeling like a fatty who is out to derail all of my progress. ANd I am thankful to have my sister cheering us on right now. Funny how the tables turn!
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  • JENNY160
    Although both of you being motivated at the same time would be ideal, having sis motivated when you are not is SO much better than both of you not being motivated at the same time! Glass half full, and all! LOL You are rocking that outfit!
    1850 days ago
    You look great!!! Exercising with other people can be a great when you are at the same level; any difference can be difficult to manage...
    1852 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Love the outfit! It's good to have a workout buddy (especially when it's a sister), but if her friend(s) are not ready to workout, then they might reconsider coming. I hate when I see the social butterflies in the gym taking up space on the equipment you're waiting on! Keep up the good work!
    1852 days ago
    Dang girl you are looking good! I feel you on the "debbie downer"! Don't go to the gym if you just want to look cute! It's get it in time! emoticon Your outfit is cute! I looked at your ticker and you do not look that weight at all! emoticon You are such a motivation! I love your attitude! Have a great day!
    1853 days ago
    Wow look at you!!! You look great and i love the outfit. Got something similar to those pants, might have to pair it up like you did emoticon I'm happy your sister got her mojo back and she's there to support you through your rough patch. But you're doing great and finding what will work for you with the 2 jobs. Your blog has given me some more motivation that I truly need today. WTG!!! Keep it up you'll get to goal
    1853 days ago
    take some fruit & nuts with you the days you work at Red Lobster & PLEASE stay away from the cookies & pie all the best
    1853 days ago
    You've got this in the bag!
    1853 days ago
    You look great!! Congrats on getting your groove back. I've been struggling lately as well, but this will pass! emoticon emoticon
    1853 days ago
  • EUEK098
    As you said you're moving around more on those work days, so you might want to pack some healthy snacks as you're burning a lot more calories, than usual on those days.
    So glad to hear your sister is finding herself, and perfect timing too.
    Have fun with the workouts.

    1853 days ago
  • LISAN0415
    Love the outfit, and I like New York and company, but I find it's not the best for "Busty women", I have a large bust, so sometimes the tops are tighter than the bottoms too.

    I like that color on you! I am glad you are feeling "it" again. I know this journey can be difficult and feel long, but man are the results worth it, especially when I look at my before pictures! We will rech our goals!

    Thanks for sharing!
    1853 days ago
  • KNH771
    I think that the tank top works. It provides a nice break between the coral and the pattern. You look great.
    As for the hunger, if you're burning a lot more calories, it's possible you need to up your intake a little bit. You probably know if it's actual hunger or just stress.
    1853 days ago
    Looking good! You go girl!
    1853 days ago
    Awesome Nik! You look fabulous & you are rockin that outfit!
    So great that your sister found her MoJo(& that she is sharing)

    You are owning it, sooooo glad the RLobster is working out for you...two fold : Cash and Calorie burns.

    WooHoo...You're doing it!!! So proud of you.
    1854 days ago
  • KROLES55
    You are looking great! Glad you have a sister who is helping you get your groove back..
    1854 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    SUPER cute outfit my dear!
    1854 days ago
    gorgeous! YOu are so cute, and always dress so stylish! :) Love it. I wear 16s too, but I feel like I look huuuuge, and you look so cute, tiny,and much smaller than a 16 and yet petite! I Curse being 5'3"!

    I am glad you are starting to feel better! I hate that motivation and energy comes in waves. blah.
    1854 days ago
    Glad you are getting your mojo back, and that your sister is getting enthusiastic about her own journey!

    I have a complete love-hate relationship with NY&C. I can't wait until I am further along in my journey, and can actually fit properly into the clothes. They aren't very curve-friendly.
    1854 days ago
  • DONNA5281
    It's Nice to have a sister to help you out. You keep each other going.
    Keep up the good work
    Your new outfit looks good on you.
    1854 days ago
  • PURPLE180
    Love the far as your sisters friend goes, Why did she even come. I really dislike being around negative Nancy's especially when I am PUSHING to get things done. I am so happy for your sister!
    1854 days ago
    Love the outfit! You look great!
    1854 days ago
    Woohoo....glad to hear you are getting your groove back....woohoo jar moment I do think!!!!
    1854 days ago
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