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210.5 (Down 1.5 pounds since last weigh in)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I had a mini panic attack this morning getting on the scale. The first number read 212 (my weight from last week).

I jumped backwards off the scale as if it had singed my feet. My hands flew to my cheeks and I let out a nice little Macauley-Culkin-Home-Alone style scream.

But thankfully, the next 15 or so times I braved the scale - it was displaying 210.5 pretty consistently.

I did not appreciate my scale's attempt at a sense of humor. I think I'm going to look into getting a newer one. He's getting a little too snarky for my taste and I think I'd like one that displays weight in more than half pound increments.

I was really hoping for 210 this week but 210.5 is pretty darn close (it beats 212 - that's for sure). I think it was a good first week with the BLC. If I can lose 1.5 - 2.0 pounds every week for the rest of the challenge, I would be a very happy girl - I mean viking.

This was the first week since starting this healthy habits lifestyle where I've done some kind of purposeful exercise most days of the week. I didn't do anything Saturday because of my embarrassing jumping jacks injury that left my calf screaming out in pain every time I moved it.

This week I'm forgoing the jumping jacks altogether and will hopefully be able to move my butt every day this week.

I'm keeping this one short - I've got to go enter my weigh-in results on the Pink Viking weigh-in sheet. I definitely don't want to be late calculating challenge points or weigh-ins with this team. I can't imagine viking punishments to be just a simple slap on the wrist. I'd probably be tied to a rope and dragged behind the ship while the other vikings throw rocks at me. Pink rocks.
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