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Five Positive Things

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The first blog post I wrote today was a really big rant. But I know there are many people who -- quite rightly -- do not wish to read blogs that are negative. And I try to be as positive as possible myself. So, with that in mind, I am writing a positive blog post to make up for the earlier rant.

I might or might not delete the rant. I like to keep tabs on how I am feeling at a given time, and the rant is definitely a valid record of how I am feeling today, even if I am trying to make up for it by looking for positive things to balance it.

So, my positive thoughts today are:

1.) Overnight I lost enough (.4 pounds) for the "big number" to change on my Start Page. I can now say I've lost 44 pounds!

2.) I just wore my new, smaller bra that I bought at the boutique store and it was SO comfortable. It was worth paying boutique prices for.

3.) Yesterday, I ate baby carrots with a greek yogurt dip for a snack when what I really craved was potato chips. (We will discount the fact that I do not keep any chips in the house -- I could have had salty pretzels, another substitute, and I still chose carrots.)

4.) The other day when dressing up for a family event I found a pair of panty hose I had bought about eight months ago, before I started Spark (as you can tell, I don't wear panty hose that often). They were size D, which is up there close to "Queen Size" territory. I had bought two pairs, thinking ahead. I remembered the day I wore the first pair, how hard a struggle it was to put them on, as I hoped and prayed they would stretch around my big hips and thighs. The second pair, so many months later, went on smoothly. That in my opinion is worth the hard work of losing weight right there.

5.) I can now wrap a normal size bath towel around me. We still have the larger beach-towel-size ones that I used to wrap around me before, but now a standard bath towel works just as well.

So, there you are. Five positive things to make up for the rant that I wrote earlier.
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