The Amazing Beta Fish

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My daughter decided she wanted to set up a fish tank again in our new house. We hit three different places and got everything she needed minus one thing. So I told her we would go out the following day and get what she needed. Finally all ready she headed upstairs to prep her tank.

!!!! She screams like some kind of crazy person, asylum crazy. My skin crawls and then I hear crying. She is a super sensitive kid. My fish I cant see it. Her little cup in on the floor lacking water. The Beta appears dead. I pick up the cup go in the bathroom but before I flush it I decide lets put some water on it and see what happens.

Now she was going to call it Rhyu means dragon because of it coloring. That changes quickly as soon as the water goes into the cup. Now its name is voodoo. The water reaches the fish and it starts to flop around. Holy crap!! I add a bit more so it can actually swin around. I know they can breathe air but the kicker was we had no idea just how long it had been doing just that. Voodoo is still alive and kicking almost 48 hrs after his harrowing ordeal and the daughter is happy. His tank is all done and he seems to like the bigger space.

Fish rescue lol. Now I know how to do that too. Learn something new each day.

Happy Wedensday all!!
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