OT: Can anyone help with Bible related query pls?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wasn't sure where to post this so figured I'd blog my question instead!

I've been a committed Christian for about 20 yrs.

I don't come from a Christian family. I was raised in an academic family where the point was to dissect every word of a text to analyse it to death.

I made the mistake of chosing a Biblical studies course at university where I learnt about how the Bible was put together by a group of men over several centuries.

I had some hard times about 10 years ago and also 3 bouts of depression.

These factors have really harmed my view of the Bible.
I find it hard to 'connect' with Scripture now - whenever I read it I automatically think of all the 'flaws' and violence and circular arguments...
but deep down I know the Bible is God's word to me.

Can anyone offer any helpful insights pls?

BTW, this IS related to healthy eating as I turn to food for strength and comfort at the moment when I actually DO want to turn to God and His word.
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    Same here (I believe the Bible is GOD'S Word, too). Maybe you can try listening to the Bible if you have trouble reading it as I do because of past experiences. I'm listening to a mp3 audio version called "Word of Promise" which is the New King James Version dramatically acted out, which has helped me.

    When I would try to read it, I would cry everytime because I would always hear the spiritually abusive voice who twisted it in my head and hurt me deeply. So when I left in 2009, I stop reading and been struggling to read the Bible since I left. I would always end up crying and frustrated. I only started just listening to it as my husband and I was going through a tough time last year, and I didn't know where to turn but to GOD and HIS Word. There has been a difference since I've started that so maybe it will help you get your connection back with the Bible.
    1754 days ago
    One of my favorite books is Ephesians, which "a majority of scholars" say wasn't written by Paul. I used to worry about that a lot, it seemed all the books I was fond of weren't actually written by Paul. But I read the Bible to get closer to God, not to get closer to Paul.

    I have some good Jewish friends, who are very sanguine about how the Old Testament doesn't make a lot of sense. For them, faith isn't about making sense. It is about acknowledging that man's ways are not God's ways. We are close to the end of reading the Old Testament as a family. It has taken us about 2 years. There are days I am really grateful that my kids can't connect the dots. There are days I'm not connecting the dots, like in Isaiah. I try, I feel like I'm too old to keep saying "I'll figure this out later."

    I think a lot of the things that don't make sense are because God told them to his prophet, and the prophet tried to tell them to the people, and then he also has to tell them what will happen when they don't listen (which God already knows is going to happen). It's part of why something you hear a lot goes along the lines of "Thus sayeth the Lord, say to this people: 'Thus sayeth the Lord..." I get that with my kids. I tell them "Go tell your sister 'mom said" and they totally leave out "mom said" every time. So when I see it in the Bible it always makes me smile a little. Even though it means someone is really pushing their luck and about to get the consequences.
    1764 days ago
    I can almost completely relate to what you're going through. I was raised in a very Christian household. And for the longest time, I lived by the word of God through the Bible. Even though private, and terrible, things happened to me when I was young. I also struggled with depression. My doubt grew slowly, and it was only sealed when I started taking philosophy and religious courses in college. My piece of advice: Faith means believing. And if you feel it in your heart, it doesn't matter what the book says. The Bible is flawed because, although it was inspired by God, it was written by men, who are flawed.
    Personally, what I chose, was to continue believing in God, but without the trappings of religion, which for me, just made things difficult.
    1764 days ago
    Maybe find a King James Version....It's easier to read. I think the academia is a good thing, but the dissection isn't, when the bible was written to tell a story, or collection of stories. With any good book, there is a lot of descriptors and fluff to get your mindset in the right place. Some chapters are fluffier than others, for sure.
    Maybe there is a cliff notes version? or a "Bible for Dummies" version, lol!
    That Phillippians 4:13 is one of my favorites: I can do everything through God who gives me strength.

    And you can too!
    1764 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1764 days ago
    Psalm 46:1--God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Another one is Philippians 4:13--I can do everything through him who gives me strength. May God bless you.
    1764 days ago
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