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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Now that I have done the morning, pre-dinner and bedtime trances I can see where this therapist does seem to cover all the bases. He reinforces drinking water, eating healthy, being positive, daily exercise, and any practice that supports the ‘magnificent makeover’ that I am working on.

What I can say so far is this – my food cravings seem to have vanished. That voice that nags at me to eat (that can be so hard to shush) just isn't there. In fact, my husband asked me if I wanted a glass of wine after dinner, which I usually do. I thought a second and said, "No, not now, just put the bottle in the fridge and I will pour one later." I often have a nibble or a glass of wine when I read, after hubby goes to bed. The thought never came up again, and when I got up this morning to pull out breakfast foods, I noticed the bottle and realized I never went back to it. That is marvelous. I’m sure that three short sessions of hypnotherapy helps a lot, if for no other reason that it is a lot of positive reinforcement. I’m also really calm. What has not yet happened is any real desire on my part to exercise. However, hubby was home on a long weekend and today he’s home sick with stomach issues (meaning I also got a poor night's sleep). I’m not sure why it is so hard for me to exercise when he’s home, but it is. It is way too cold for me to want to go outside to exercise. In fact, I don’t seem to want to leave the house at all. I think that is mostly the weight. I stepped on the scale and found that I managed to only retain 3 pounds of my former 60 pound weight loss. That is a big bummer and I’m working to just ‘let that go’ each time that thought arises.

The morning meditation asks you to pick a color for the day which is designed to support you and remind you of all the positive things you want to accomplish – I chose red, primarily because it is the color of my checkbook cover and I saw it out of the corner of my eye just before I started trance. I have a feeling that I’m going to be saying ‘Red, Red, Red’ a lot to myself today.

Ok, I'm going to lace up the shoes whether I’m loving the idea or not. Flake it til you make it, I say.
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    I would so love to be able to do what you do. I struggle with cravings all the time. And I could certainly benefit from being calm.
    1853 days ago
    You know, everyone I talk to whether it's here on Spark on in person including an energetic teenage son, is really struggling to exercise right now. I know and you know that we "hibernate" in the winter. I forget this every single year when I'm all too happy to be active in the better months. This year I did the T-Tapp 14 day bootcamp and it felt great and everything but I can't tell you how unnatural in also felt most of the time. Wow, this is not motivating is it?!
    I'm just saying that I am using this time to really focus on some of the "other stuff" because it drains my energy to force the exercise in the cold. Even the DVDs are no fun.

    (ducking from tomatoes being thrown)

    We all know too that once we get moving we feel so darn good! My plan is to not waste this time either by fruitless forcing of the exercise issue or time wasting. If I'm not racking up fitness minutes as fast then I better be actively working on behavior modification. If not, yep. I gotta lace em up too and fake it!
    1853 days ago
  • LKG9999
    Definitely agree with letting go of nagging thoughts about regained weight; BTDT. You probably remember that I lost 70 pounds by April 2010; by March 2012 I had regained 50 pounds. Certainly not happy about it, but I'm working on the issues that lead to the regain. One of them was being too darn tough on myself. I have the body I have; I'm willing to work out and eat well regularly. But I also need more balance than I was allowing myself for, for less frequent but planned for treats such as chocolate and wine, and an understanding that eating well and exercising are part of taking care of myself as I get older, not an unending diet.

    Have compassion with yourself. Would you tolerate a friend or family beating you up because you put weight back on? I doubt it, so when that inner voice starts up please tell them to I said "Be quiet".

    1853 days ago
    OK! I need to know--are you using a CD of someone? I've never done hypnotherapy but could I just do it?? Who would you recommend? I need lots of support on the exercise, too, but have struggled a bit with food lately. That's funny that you mentioned that---I don't like to exercise when my hubby is home either!!! Don't know why. Any insights/info you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
    1854 days ago
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