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The Joy of Buttoning Pants

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When I lost 57 pounds a couple of years ago, I gave away all the too-big clothes.

Because of poor choices I regained most of that weight. Then I lost 35 pounds again, only to regain it once more. When I got serious again a couple of weeks before Christmas, I was only ten pounds under my heaviest weight ever. I feel amazed, astonished, and embarrassed even writing this. But it is reality. I am strong enough to look at reality and handle it. This is a safe place to talk about it.

I say all of that to explain why I have been surviving on 2 pairs of pants.... both of which have elastic waists. Groan....and I KNEW Dr. Phil said so clearly not to buy pants with elastic waists! (You see, many years ago, long before the Biggest Loser show began, and before Dr. Phil's show got soap-opera-ish, way back when he was presenting wholesome & practical topics---back then he had a wonderful weight-loss contest with lots of sensible instruction. That weight loss series was one of the earliest things God used to begin waking me up about wanting to change this part of my life.) No, it wasn't strategic, but as I ballooned I was desperate and I did buy 2 cheap pairs of pants with elastic. I refuse to count my 2 pairs of workout pants, although yes, I did wear those to non-workout events (blush) ----and not because they looked hip and sporty. Any of you who have yo-yo experience understand why I might wear workout pants on an occasion when I had no plan to work out. Sigh.

Okay, I'm finally getting around to the joy part. I've been focused and working hard for about 5 weeks now, and this morning I had a NSV (non-scale victory). It was zero degrees outside and knew I had to unhook the battery charger from the car, so I dug out my heavy corduroy pants, and I found the thick rubber band I had saved from asparagus. I knew I needed the rubber band to rig an extender loop to make it possible to keep the pants closed. Wait.....What ? REALLY? Hey, I can button these pants! I don't need the rubber band extender! Now I can use that rubber band to keep the bag of almonds closed!

What's more, I was getting dressed to go to the dentist, so originally I had been hoping my shirt was plenty long that my looming wardrobe malfunction would not be evident to people who had buzzing machinery and sharp instruments in their hands. Hooray, I can actually button my pants! The regular button and buttonhole! No rubber band! I can be warm AND secure! What a rewarding feeling! What a payback for lots of tough choices!

I am not going to let myself forget that the oh-so-fleeting pleasure of junky food honestly does not compare to The Joy of Buttoning Pants.
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