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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I guess I would say I am struggling. It seem like everything is a battle right now.

It started last week when I had to have a tooth extracted. I have been in a bit of pain since. I have noticed the tooth in front is giving me pain I didn't have previously. I have a follow up tonight and hope there isn't any problems with the healing of the socket. I have heard the treatment for a dry socket can be worse than anything else. Grrr.

I have been instructed to refrain from strenuous activities from dental appt (Tues) til end of the week to be sure it would heal adequately. Well I kind of kept that. I did walk but I made sure I didn't breath through my mouth so there wasn't anything too exciting. I also did a couple of fitness videos for the 4 week challenge.

My eating has been really good considering I was taking it easy on consistency. Good thing I love my instant flavored oatmeal. And bananas. I actually made it through a weekend!!!

I have also been sleeping like crap. I thought it was all the water. I will wake up every two hours to go to the bathroom but usually don't have any problems falling back asleep. Well that had changed. I wake up around midnight. Then I toss and turn and have the hardest time falling asleep. If I do fall asleep I am still up around 2 and repeat. Sunday night I woke at 1230 and couldnt fall asleep. I tried everything!!!! I ended up sitting on the couch watching tv until 730. Then it was wake up at 930. Last night I was awake from 200 with tooth pain. I finally gave up trying to sleep around and made some coffee. Before it was finished brewing I dozed off and slept til 430 and I had to get ready for work.

And to top it off hubby and I have been stressed with one another and I just don't know what to do anymore. I just wish we could understand one another at least a little better than we do presently. It seems like we are living two different lives and neither of them include anything in common. I'm not expecting him to change for me. I just don't want to feel like I have to change and give up on my journey to make peace. That is one thing I can't give up. Not anymore.

Not sure if the tooth is hurting more than I think. Maybe its the lack of sleep. Or the stress with hubby. I just wasn't feeling it. Im just not feeling it still. I didnt workout one time this weekend. No workouts. No walks. Nothing! And this is not a good sign. I love working out. I am making myself like walking to the point that I am now starting to look forward to it. But it's been several days and I just didn't care. And it scares me to think I might have lost my motivation altogether.
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    emoticon glad you're feeling better after sleep! i think when we're tired, everything is more emotional! i found melatonin helps me too.
    1858 days ago

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  • LISAN0415
    I am so sorry you are going through a rough time, when things get overwhelming like this, I take a step back and try to take 1 thing at a time.

    Try getting more rest by taking melatonin at night, and watch the caffeine during the day.

    allow yourself to heal from your dental procedure before doing exercise or activity, it can make swelling and pain worse. Take your ibuporfen and pain meds.

    You are eating well, and that will help on your weight loss journey, even if you can't exercise.

    and lastly wehn things are tough, take 15 minutes for yourself, try a hot bath, reading, meditating, praying, whatever you need, it helps with the stress.

    Best wishes!
    1859 days ago
    That is great that you are sticking to your guns and keeping with your healthy lifestyle!
    Sorry you have so much stress.

    1859 days ago
    Good for you for staying strong. They really don't know how hard this is for us. The can eat whatever they want and burn it off in a single workout. We have to kill ourselves at the gym for a week and be critical about what we eat in order to see any difference. It's not fair but we do what we have to do.

    It's hard when the two of you are in different places mentally. it's something hubby and I have always struggled with given our different cultural backgrounds. We work on it everyday, but sometimes I wonder if marraige is really supposed to be this hard, especially when I see my friends happily married and enjoying life.

    Lets do this for US! Not them.

    Have fun at the gm!!! emoticon
    1859 days ago
    Stay calm. Breathe in, breathe out. I've had a dry socket before. With pain meds & that yucky tasting clove cloth that they put in there, it's not so bad.

    As far as things with hubby, try & remember you're on the same team. That helps me when my hubby & I are fussing with one another.

    Hang in there!! emoticon
    1859 days ago
    Pain, lack of sleep, and stress - I can fully understand where you are coming from. You are in a really "bad" place and being hit on all fronts. Take care of the pain so you can sleep, get some rest however you can, and maybe that will help you deal with hubby.

    Best of luck. That's all I can think of today.
    1859 days ago
    I hear you! I have been struggling too. I would suggest what people have suggested to me. Baby steps. Maybe just start with the walking, as it is a good stress reliever too. Not only that, but it might help you sleep better at night. Just take one day at a time!
    1859 days ago
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