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Life Changing Terraforming Conference!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wow God is so good...I was singing the blues when I layed down my job and retired and layed down my position on the ministry team...God said wait when I was thinking of volunteering and going off and doing my I did...I heard go to the Healing I did Terry at the Healing Room said , "Hey Nan you should go to this Terraforming Conference..." I thought why not...not sure what I will learn...

Well little did I know Papa wanted to blow my socks off on this New and wonderful way to love.
I learned that there are only two ways of being in this world To Love or Not to Love and we have choice...When we don't love we are being selfish...All sin leads to decay and death...and that God isn't interested in our opinions...our judgements...we are called to Love...That the way demonic strongholds can come in on the land is defilement over time...The four ways a land can be defiled is Blood Shed, Broken Covenant, Idolatry, Sexual Immorality...all four used in the occult...
Well the Keys to reverse this is to Land, people or things
1) Ask God to shine His light on the problem and where the root cause of the problem is
2) Forgive the people/s responsible and wash that sin with the blood of Jesus, having the blood
purify, redeeming and restoring the person/s involved back to the Father and
3)to restore the covenant back into the land which it was meant to have from God so all creation can be restored...
Finally Hurling down the accuser by the blood of the Lamb and our testimony...Binding all demons and casting them to the feet of Jesus never to come back and erasing all memory of the sins....

If the sin was our own...we repent and ask forgiveness for our sins...

Wow so instead of Battling demons like I was taught we dismantle the strongman thru the forgiveness and blood of Jesus ...a loving way to dismantle Demonic fighting, no war, no battle, no kick back...just love, forgiveness and restoration back to the father of all who judgement, no strife, no striving,...easy loving and done....

What an amazing break thru....! I know I didn't do such a good job explaining visit the or with Scott and Sheri Novell...they have testimonies after testimonies how they have dismantled so much evil in the land where there had been murder, and major occult defilement...They have storm teams that have went on land missions and reduced the amount of Hurricanes and Tornado's in a region...So much they have done world wide. ...their testimonies are online and are so amazing!

They use this in the Healing Rooms all over with great success! I got freed from some serious child trauma stuff this week !!! WHOOT!!! I learned Whoot means when heaven overhears our testimony! We were whooting all week!

When we did land missions this weekend we have a team of 10....5 Ground Control people who pray for our land mission and text in clues the Father is giving them about our mission...little bread crumb clues to help us with the jigsaw puzzle...Then the other 5 are the Flight Team...that go out all together in one car and are going to the destination the Father is revealing to us by Ground Control and by the Flight Team..As the Flight Team is on the road...we are all looking for clues and listening to God where to go and what to look for...It is like Mission Impossible, CSI and Columbo meets Sherlock Holmes...such fun. I was lucky enough to go on the Flight Crew with Scott the leader and I was in charge of getting texts from Ground Control and telling Scott the clues to look was amazing...Plus all of us were discerning and looking for clues and listening to the voice of God...Our Mission was a success and God is so good the Sun came out and a cloud looking like the Finger of God and other wonderful kisses from Papa after we prayed over the destinations that were defiled...One area we prayed was over the Deception Bridge where lots of suicides people jumping off the Bridge...Also there were areas where there was lots of human sacrifice, blood shed, murder and human trafficking along with kidnapping...
Instead of getting upset we prayed over those areas, forgave those who were involved, washed them in the blood of Jesus, asked God to purify, redeem and restore them to the Father, and restore the Covenant the Father had intended for the land...Easy....then for demonic strongholds to go away because we just stripped the power and authority away of hundreds or centuries of blood shed...We renamed Deception Pass to Truth Pass! And posted the Angel of Truth at that
gate way!!! There were 7 other teams going out all around the region doing the same thing.
It will be great to find out how this has blessed the land and people living in this community!

Testimonies of other land missions blew me away! I plan on using this on the people I pray for in the Healing Room and for myself and my home and family.

So cool I now can join a Ground Control team and help Land Missions in New Zealand and all around the USA and world!!! I just sit at my computer and email what the Father is telling me for clues to the Flight Team! Whoot! I can also go out on a land mission here in the Seattle area with a team....whoot!

So if you can watch the videos to find out more it is the best Spiritual Warfare technique ever using these simple Keys!!!!! Whoot!

So Yes God is using me in a powerful way...and now Nan is thrilled not to be in a Time Box and retired to do what He wants me to do...Wow what an amazing fun adventure!!!!!!!!!!
Oh btw kids can participate in this Scott tells me they draw pictures and paint pictures for clues...and they are right on!!! So now I am looking for kids and adults to join me in the visual side of the clues from Papa....WHOOT!!!!!! Wow Prophetic Art...God is soooo Good! Whoot!

Love you Sparkies! Pray for skin cancer surgery is tomorrow Tues 1/22 at 2pm
Love you,
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    I will pray for your surgery tomorrow my friend. I loved reading this. You know I don't get on here much lately but my friends are still in my heart. I track my food and that's all I have had time for. I see light at the end of the tunnel though.

    You're the best . . . . sistah . . WHOOT!!

    emoticon m emoticon emoticon
    1870 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Glad you are doing so well. Hope the surgery took care of that cancer.
    1885 days ago
    Home easy chunk out home Dr Gorman gets wound care now off to bed
    Yes Raffi you can copy
    1886 days ago

    Nan, can I copy and paste your blog and send it to a friend of mine please?

    You are in our prayers for your surgery, not that the cancer stands a chance against the fire of God that is alight in you.
    Raffie xxx
    1886 days ago
    Sounds like an amazing conference. Those skin cancer cells haven't got a CHANCE of staying around with such passion raging through you as we advance the Kingdom of God forcefully! You know I will be praying for you (have been). I will be awaiting word. You have my home and cell numbers, right? I'm gonna message them to you in case you don't have them handy. Text or call when you feel up to it to let me know you are okay. I'll be waiting for that good report!! I love you, my nannynannybooboo.

    1887 days ago
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