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2013, Week Four

Monday, January 21, 2013

emoticon Last week was better for nutrition. My weekly calorie average is just within the upper limits of my suggested range! That means I'm now at 66% compliance for the year. I must add that I ate out often, so while I logged everything, there is the possibility that the numbers were not quite reliable. The scale will tell.

emoticon Now, I am in the habit of tracking every day, so the next goal should include my target ranges, and better snacking. My snacks were not very good last week.

emoticon At first, I thought my cardio was 5 minutes short of goal, because I only did 40 minutes on one of my cardio days. Then, I remembered that even when I focus on strength training I do up to 30 minutes of cardio. Yay! for working it in here and there.

emoticon Also, I did strength training on the lower body on Wed. & Sat. I managed ten minutes on the rowing machine at a low resistance, so I do want to try swimming again. I can focus on lower body. It will be a great relief to my hip, which is not too happy with these above ground workouts. I hope I can find some swim fins to buy before I go to the pool.

This week’s goals:
emoticon 45 minutes of Cardio 3 x week (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday)
emoticonTues. 50 min., Thurs. 30 min., Fri. 60 min., Sat. 40 min., Sun. 30 min. (no wonder the sp tools warn me to working out too much--they add the ST time too, must readjust calorie ranges.)

emoticon 2 x week lower body strength training (Wednesday & Saturday )
emoticon Thursday & Saturday.

emoticon Eat within calorie ranges 3 x week.
emoticon plus, average for the week is withing range.

emoticon Plan good snacks 3 x week.
zonk! I did better, but didn't plan.

Also, I need to review my 401k and other financial stuff over the weekend.
Zonk! I didn't get to this. I did online 'fun' classes instead; Korean, Hindi, & Communication.

Weekend Challenge
BLOG about what you would tell your 16 year old self, if you were to go back in time? (100 pts ONE time only)

Prepare a “healthy” meal at home (25 pts per day)
Fri., Sat. Sun. Mon.
Record every bite (50 pts per day)
Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon.

Eat 5 freggies servings (25 pts per day)
Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon

Stay hydrated with 6-8 oz water daily. (25 pts per day)
Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon.

Energize with cardio (25 pts per 20 minutes up to 60) max 75 pts per d
Fri. 75 Sat. 50 Sun. 30 min (25) Mon. 40 min. (50)

Nighty night, sleep 7-9 hours (25 pts per day)
Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon

Tone your body, 200 reps TOTAL over the weekend (100 pts total)
Set a goal for the week and share how you will make it happen on your team chat thread (100 pts ONE time only)

P(0/100), R(0/200), E(0/100), S(0/100), E(0/300), N(0/100), T(0/100) + Blog (0/100) + Share (0/100) = Total (0/1200) emoticon
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