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January 21, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Yesterday I weighed in at my WW meeting and I lost .8lbs, which brings me to a total of 3.8 pounds gone within the 2 weeks at WW. I was going to continue to count the 7 pounds difference I was from what I was weighing at home and the official start weight with WW, however I'm going to drop that and only count the loses I am recording with my WW journey. So this marks the the 2nd week weigh in and with only losing .8lbs I can honestly say the 2nd week curse hits us all....not just the people on the biggest loser show! LOL

Looking back on last week I also can say that I did not get in the gym time I should have gotten in. I was sick and didn't move last Monday and there were many times in the week between meetings and training that I was not able to make it in. I did do workouts at home but the cardio level was just not there like it was the week before. This week so far I have KILLED it in the cardio department and I will continue that this week. I am still building up to weights which I wasn't going to add in until March. However I think that I will actually be adding that part in come the 1st of Feb. My body is ready for it, I can feel that. Love that I can listen to my body!

Food wise I am doing great. I usually have my "cheat day" on Sundays as that gives me all week to burn anything off as far as extra calories/carbs. Carbs are my weakness...I love pasta, potatoes, breads and so by allowing myself these things still once a week I feel like this journey I'm on is so much easier for me.

Here I am....week 3 of my journey to better health and a stronger me and I'm still just SO much in love with everything. I hope that everyone out there feels this great. Don't forget to get back on the road if you have had a slip....we all have them and it really is about getting back on and not giving up!!
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