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Trekking the Buckeye Trail

Monday, January 21, 2013

I have been “Ambling’ Along the Appalachian” with some fellow Sparkers. Virtually that is.

This appeals to me because it is a secret dream of mine to walk all of the A.T. I don’t know why this is, I just know that when I think about it, the idea makes me smile. Walking the trail, even in pieces would not be an easy feat both in terms of time and level of fitness. The Trail is roughly 2,180 miles long, passing through 14 states. The total elevation gain of hiking the entire A.T. is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest 16 times and backpackers burn upwards of 6,000 calories a day.

But my heart is still drawn to the idea.

When I think about running a marathon, I grit my teeth and think “That would be a great goal!” so I know that I really don’t want to do that. In fact, even running a 5K is not all that appealing, although I’m bound and determined to do a few of those this year.

Running is too strong a word perhaps. My goal is to finish a 5K despite the fact that my best 5K time is still somewhere around 37 minutes and usually more like 40 minutes.

But the idea of hiking makes my heart sing.

On Saturday, it reached a high of 53 degrees where I live.

In northern Ohio. Excuse me? How could I possibly pass up the opportunity to take my doggies and my DH for a hike?

We chose to Trek a bit of the Buckeye Trail.

OK, so poetically, “Trekking the Buckeye Trail” it does not come close to “Ambling’ Along the Appalachian” but I live a stones throw from a piece of the Buckeye Trail, so it will have to do.

I could not come up with a synonym for hiking that started with a “B” although I kind of liked “Bumbling along the Buckeye.”

I am lucky enough to live near the Metroparks in Northern Ohio and it is from exploring the Metroparks that I was first introduced to the Buckeye Trail. I had not explored this particular bit of trail before.

The Buckeye Trail is a large loop of nearly 1444 miles. From a beachhead on Lake Erie in Northern Ohio, to a hilltop overlooking the Ohio River in Southern Ohio, a hiker can circle the state and experience a little of all that Ohio has to offer.

It was a lovely hike.

The trail is well marked with blue blazes so that even a bumpkin like me would be hard pressed to get lost.

Much of the trail was mucky from melting snow, but I love traipsing through mud...especially if I’m wearing the correct boots!

Perhaps I will take on the Buckeye Trail first. In bits and pieces. I’d love to take part in maintaining the trail also so I just signed up to join the Buckeye Trail Association.

-:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥

Activities are something I enjoy. Another SP friend just posted a blog about activity and it's many guises. As he pointed out...activity lurks everywhere, but usually not in from of the TV (or the computer!)

And activity is not “exercise” for “exercise” is something I “do” because it is good for me. (e.g. weight lifting, pushups, running)

Hiking, yoga and zumba are some of my favorite activites. I often "hoop" in front of the TV which I enjoy and makes me feel less guilty about watching my favorite TV show.

So what makes your heart sing in terms of activity?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm not particularly drawn to hiking as an activity but I, too, want one day to hike the Appalachian Tail. I'm not sure how I would accomplish this since I am unlikely to accumulate 5 months worth of vacation in a single year, but it is on my bucket list.
    1835 days ago
    I'm with you hiking makes my heart sing.

    It gets me exercise without feeling like exercise.

    Hiking makes me feel connected to the earth in fact if I don't get my nature fix I get a little batty. It is part of why the brutal cold we just got hit with in my area is bumming me out so badly.
    1880 days ago
    Maybe you could Bike the Buckhorn for a B word...
    1881 days ago
  • MRSVK11
    Your pics of the buckeye trail are cool and how lucky to have it close by. I'm an avid hiker and the Trans Canada Trail runs right through the tiny town I live in. Being in the West I've recently become aware of the Pacific Coast Trail and if you're a reader you may enjoy the book "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed it is about a womans journey and how she healed while hiking the PCT.
    1881 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/22/2013 9:07:32 AM
  • LE7_1234
    Running makes my heart sing. Or at least makes my endorphin levels rise to addictive levels! LOL!

    Ah, and dancing!! Especially to live music!!!
    1881 days ago
    I like Amblin'! emoticon
    1882 days ago
    Wow it looks beautiful. I love hiking too.
    1882 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    I so enjoyed reading your blog. I love that you know what you want to do as opposed to what you have to. You can do it!
    1882 days ago
    I'm with pookasluagh and you! The AT is a dream of mine. The husband and I have a few books about walking the trail. Somehow, reading about packing food drops etc. is really calming. Looks like you had a wonderful time on the Buckeye!
    1882 days ago
    Oh - and your 5K time is much better than mine. My record is 50 minutes while running the whole thing - yes, I am a very slow runner!
    1882 days ago
    I want to hike the Appalachians as well! I've dreamed of it for years!

    Hiking is so fun! It is definitely my favorite outdoor activity, but I don't have anyone to go with me, so I almost never do it.

    Glad you got to go do a fun hike!
    1882 days ago
    I love the image of your heart singing!
    1882 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    If the thought of doing something makes your heart sing, then you should do it! Thats how I feel with walking/jogging, the thought of actually jogging for any length of time/distance just pushes my buttons, it keeps me going!
    1882 days ago
    It looks so pretty where you are at. most of where I am is just sun blasted dessert......Although we have some of the prettest sun rises/sets I have ever seen.
    1882 days ago
    I have 15 acres of woods around our house and a state forestry 10 miles down the road. No excuses. I have to 'break through my own buckeye trail' this year. Keep Sparkin'!!
    1882 days ago
    Hiking is such a great activity. I wish I had more time for it because it is truly way better than time at a gym or running on pavement,

    Enjoy your days on the trail!
    1882 days ago
    I love hiking also! October 2011 a friend and I walked a portion of the AT in NJ. It's reallllllly rocky up here apparently, but it was fun! I did it and felt great, and I was almost 75 pounds heavier then. I kind of want to go back and do it again now and see how I feel. =)
    1882 days ago
    I want to do the A.T. someday too! Maybe after the kids are out of the house. :) I love hiking, and bizarrely, I've come to love distance running that doesn't rely on me pushing myself or my pace at all - just going out relaxed. I love walking as well.

    I have to say, if your 5K time is 37 to 40 mins WALKING, you're doing fantastic! My best official 5K time - running the whole way - is 37:03, and my best unofficial time is 35:34, so I'm very impressed by walking 5Ks in that same time!!
    1882 days ago
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