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Lucky 13/Jan Fit Adventure Weekend #1 (pics)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Despite my complaints about not being as committed to movement and healthy eating, I realized that every weekend in January has been a Fitness Adventure Weekend! Heh.

Sunday Jan 6th I finally got to run our 2nd annual Resolution Run 5k with NEWSGIRL2177 Heather and her husband! This year, BEFIT_WITHGUSTO & her husband and BOUNCIN_BETTY joined us! We all met at previous local SparkRallies. Yay for SparkFriends!!

My weight-loss journey in pounds until the end of 2012.

Before the race!

First 5k of 2013!! Woohoo!!! The start of so many things! :)

Cold, but not as cold as that guy in the full suit or his friend in the furry jacket makes it look. We ARE in San Diego. Unusually cold is still about 30 degrees here.

It was sprinkling on us, though.




Race pictures from the local paper (above) - not in them.

Oops, my phone camera had the flash on. It wasn't this dark. Kinda neat though.

Betty! At the turnaround.

So very San Diego!

The sunrise hit the shore across the bay first, before we could feel it on our backs. To me it looked like the golden glow of promise, the glow of the finish line that surely awaited us.

Heather pulled way ahead. I yelled encouragement for her to keep going... I suddenly felt a little ill. I hadn't run for over 10 days, and during that time I was laid out flat with strep throat. Luckily I rarely get infections. Unfortunately, they hit me hard. I hadn't gone back to the doctor, but the week after this race I did, and was put on more antibiotics and they added steroids to get rid of a lingering mysterious blockage in my ear. It's no wonder that I looked like this:

Maybe you can't tell, but I remember almost crying. And I can see my red face in this picture. I remember my chest feeling a funny pressure. I can sometimes put it into high gear and catch up when someone is ahead of me, but my vision was swimming, as my unsteady hand shows below, and I thought that I really should listen to my body. I continued the run/walk intervals as best I could.

The end wasn't too far, and when it was 200 yards (or more-within sight) away I recognized the lady running next to me, who also kept walking, and catching up/falling behind the whole time. I said, "Hey, let's go all the way!" and she ran ahead of me. It helped me drive that inexplicable "leader of the pack" competitiveness that sometimes helps me get into overdrive. Even though she finished ahead of me, I gave it my all in that last excruciating 100 yards! BEFIT was there to capture my final moments after finding HER husband who finished his first 5k; so I smiled big and waved with my fingertips not holding my towel or tissue...

I was shaking when they stopped me to take off my timing chip. Heather found me at the end and helped me get a bit of fresh orange.

While we waited to see Betty finish her 2nd 5k, and Heather's husband to finish his 1st 15k, we took victory pictures! :)

Heather took this awesome pic of the finisher's medal! :) Looks like a year of disco dancing is ahead! Heehee!

Little kids completed a tiny tot trot, and I was in tears about how cute they were, how earnestly they ran, and even how reluctantly one at the end was trailing her teddy bear behind her as she was lead over the finish by her mom. I was still riding a wild storm of emotion.

About to leave and a bee chased my pom-poms.. I ran beep-screaming around the cars in the parking lot (still in crazy emotion mode).

My foot hurt like a bug bite, it was weird and I had to investigate.. It went away a couple days later.

Time for breakfast!

This victory pose while we waited to be seated at The Nake Cafe was taken while I was talking.. making it look extra super-hero-y!


I played this app game "SuperBetter" after watching a TedTalk video about the creator. I thought I'd hit some "easy" better self image tasks and weight control items - knowing I've spent years working at this. I figured it'd be a nice way to jump in ahead of the game. That is until I choked up a little at reading this. I had been doing this after my body became bloated from the antibiotics and dehydration strangeness from being sick. I flushed in recognition, and even though I wasn't telling myself the dreaded "I'm so fat!" negative self-talk, my fingers did the gentle exploring of tummy rolling over the band of my panties the day before, and I knew it was a slippery slope. I battled this, and "won points", but more importantly, I have only done it one time again since. The REAL battle feels averted.

As it turns out, I found the culprit of my mysterious feelings all day - the laughing in the car until I cried, the extra irritation at my foot pain, fear of bees that I don't really have, impatience, elation, and all of it. I was pumped up with hormones from my impending lady time. And all of my emotions, good or bad, explode intensely. I felt relief at recognizing the source, and that it would all be okay.

On to the next adventure!! :)
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