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New Year's resolutions

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Well, tomorrow the New Year will be 3 weeks old. I am taking stock of my resolutions. A big one was to log my food. I've done better than I ever have, but I am starting to slip. But I have finally figured out why. I HATE BEING INACCURATE! It's like perfectionist thing. Like, if I am one calorie off, I feel very uncomfortable. It's easier not to do it than to have that bad feeling I am doing it wrong. Hmmm. Not lazy, just type A. so I am working on that--it's okay to be a little inaccurate--better some than none, and it will get easier as I do it. I am not using this as an excuse to hide food--I still am in love with my KitchenAid scale with the tare feature!--but I am finding that writing my food on an index card as I eat it helps me remember to log it later, and then I can always "perfect" it later by going back to be more accurate (like how many calories in a Trader Joes Hummus and Veggie wrap--that takes a long for me to log in because it isn't an automatic choice. Gotta do it by hand.) If I write it in a notebook, again, I feel it has to all be pefect. Sigh. I am trying to unearth and work around my little foibles and idiocincracies.// Does anybody know if the BodyMedia Fit link can sync with the SparkPeople food log? I would love to post my food log, but I am not going to take the time to do it twice.//I have not been exercising as I planned. I am doing better on steps I take, but still am getting very little actual exercise/heart-rate raising type workouts.//Eating more raw fruits and veggies--doing AWESOME! Hurrah for me! I am making a big plate of veggies and have it out when the kids get home from school---zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers--so pretty and yummy, with a little hummus for protein. Delic!//I bought a vegan cookbook, and the kids are going through it--I want them to pick out a new recipe a week and we will make it together. Gotta get more family involvement and a bigger repitoire of good healthy food. // Oh, update on the father/ice cream scenario. This week, after Wyatt's game, we went to the same restaurant, and Dad suggested again that we do the Sundae thing. So I went along this time--and after we had put carmel sauce, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and two cartons of ice cream in the cart, (STUFF THAT WAS NOT MY IDEA! UNDER PROTEST!) I remembered that I had said I would bring doughnuts for the church breakfast (my vegan muffins were not a hit except with my family, ha,ha) and when I put them in the cart, my father said "You can 't have doughnuts!" I looked at him in disbelief. And I said "And why exactly are you saying that I can't have doughnuts?" The absurdity of the situation is still puzzling to me. He wants ice cream, and he doesn't want to eat it alone, so I "can" have that, but I can't have doughnuts? He literally could not answer me. Bizarre. And I bought the doughnuts. And I did not eat any of them, even. I am experiencing personal growth! Because I think in the past I would have eaten some to just prove him wrong. I have decided that I am not going out to eat with him anymore. I just do not want to deal with it. I will come home and make the food that I want, when I want. And he can go home if he doesn't like it, or he can go out to eat by himself. Someone had posted last time that maybe it was just a case of we all want what we want, and maybe I could have gotten the ice cream and not deprived everybody else of it, so I tried it. And with my kids, it works. But the doughnut incident really showed me that it is a control issue when it comes to my father. My huband saw and heard the whole thing, and he was really surprised. It is crazy that a 70 yar old man is still trying to tell his 47 year old daughter what to eat--and what not to eat.// And I have tomorrow off! Yeah! I am going to do some lesson plans and go for a nice long walk!
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