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The motivation is in the doing...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back in my college days, Susan Powter was that era's Jillian Michaels. Susan was intense, strong, loud and beautiful. I remember her "Stop the Insanity" pleas and her exercise video was the first I ever owned. She was super. She was inspirational. And she was definitely motivational. She would say things like "There is no fairy godmother of willpower.", "This is simple. Eat, breathe, move." and my favorite, "The motivation is in the doing."

That's right. The motivation is in the doing. I remember how liberating it was to hear that. This finally meant I wasn't missing something everyone seemed to understand or have. I didn't lack the motivation gene. It made me take a closer look at those around me that I thought had something I didn't. When I took that look I realized that those people were motivated but they were also doing.

So I bet you can guess what happened. Each time I completed her exercise video I felt motivated to do more, to eat better and keep going. It wasn't long before I was lighter, leaner, healthier and yeah, motivated. No one could stop me. Heck, they didn't want to.

Fast forward a few years (Ok. More than a few. But who is really counting?) Where did that motivation go? Where did the doing go? Life has done what it will continue to do. It has thrown me ups and thrown me downs. Thankfully many more ups than downs. But what happened to the motivation is that I keep forgetting that it comes from the doing.

I catch myself waiting for the funk to pass or looking for new methods of motivation. I have a huge collection of motivational sayings and LOVE them but they are not enough. I look at my boys and there is motivation but sometimes they are not enough. I look at myself and what I want to be and even that isn't enough. Any of those things should be enough. But sometimes it is not.

Today I was reminded of Susan Powter and remembered where the motivation has to continue to come from. It comes from the doing. So instead of waiting for the motivation to push me to eat healthy foods and exercise, I need to do it. Doing it will motivate me to keep doing it. I need to quit forgetting that and looking for motivation in the not-so-best of places. It's a waste of time and energy. Time that would be best spent just doing what needs done.

So the next time I find myself feeling unmotivated and wondering when my mojo is gonna make an appearance, I need to remember that I can have my mojo anytime I want to. I just need to do what needs done and the motivation will come.

So keep on doing. The rest will come.
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