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Actions, reaction, and ...stuff!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My action this weekend was to purchase this...

My brand spankin new 36 inch tramp! I have always wanted one, and in true Gallagher fashion..."It was on sale, I had to buy it! Someone else was going to buy it and MY stuff would have been in THEIR house!"
Can't have that....so I got it and put it together and even let my beau know that it says right there on the bright yellow paper that cane with it..."No somersaults!" It did occur to me that I would be nutter to try a somersault on a full size tramp much less 36 inches of one, but then I figured that some moron MUST have tried it...hence the warning. (Not that I am a known nutter or anything!)

Well, I didn't do any flips but I did bounce on it on and off for maybe 15 minutes. Just bounced, ok, well I did jump 3-4 times just to see if I would punch a hole through it and to see what my ankles and knees thought about it. They thought that bouncing was fine and jumping was not. My breasts weren't too fond of the jumping either, and I had my good bra on! I also checked the difference with/without shoes...shoes are definitely needed!

And now for my body's REaction!

Needless to say...whenever I try something new or push my legs (5k), My RLS gets worse!

After nearly pitching my laptop onto the floor several times last night, I gave up and went to bed. I actually slept ok until 4 this morning...4am is getting to be an unwelcome thing in my house lately. After laying awake for about an hour, I managed to go back to sleep for a bit, took my son to work and then went to the grocery store. My ankle and knee pain has been ramping up all day. For now, the RLS is quiet, but my knees and ankles feel like someone took a bat to them....maybe not THAT bad as I really don't have the experience of that for comparison, but its bad enough that I took a pill and I have stayed away from my new toy today.

New plan of action is bouncing only and no more than 10 minutes for starters.

We are slowly getting things taken care of for our big move. I have restrained myself from packing up the entire house right away, but we have given away our kitchen table and chairs and also found a new home for the fish in my fish tank. I am sure my sister would have let me bring them, but there is no way they could survive a 2 day move and then a shock of 100% new water. I posted them up on freecycle(dot)org and a very nice man came to get them for his son's new tank.
I also am trying to find a new home for my kitty because my sister is horribly allergic to them. I have someone who emailed me about her and we emailed back and forth several times today. I also got an offer from someone who is willing to foster her until she finds a family for her, so she will have a new home either way.

I had planned on emptying the rest of the water from my fish tank this weekend, but my knees/ankle cringe at the though of carrying about 20 gallons of water from the tank a pitcher at a time to the sink and then scrubbing out the tank, so that is a project for Monday or Tuesday.

We had a doc appointment the other day and my heart fell when the PA walked in the room...she did ok last time in checking over my knees and ankles and I thought maybe she was just coming in to get the gyn part of my visit done. I asked her if the doctor would be coming in and tried to explain that we were going to be leaving the state next month and I had some things to go over with the doctor...she asked what I needed and said he wouldn't be in for that, that they take turns seeing patients. Then she blew me off on everything else, she didn't check my joints and wouldn't talk about changing my pain meds like I asked her to do. She also called all my meds in to the pharmacy to be filled instead of putting them on hold like I asked, so I had to have the pharmacist put everything back into his inventory this morning when I went to pick up my beau's meds.
I tried to console myself with the fact that since the PA and the doc take turns seeing patients, that surely the doctor must be in with my beau (who is in WAY worse shape than I am), but when I got to my beau's little room, apparantly the PA beat the doc to that room as well. He said all she did was looked at his right arm and agreed with him that it is atrophying and refilled his meds. He tried to ask her if they had any samples or anything else that was cheaper because he doesn't have insurance but when she stepped out of his room, she was gone.
I have never been so po'ed about a doctor visit since I found that doctor. The doctor himself is fantastic...its the newer staff that I have issue with.
We have one more follow up visit before we move, and I am going to have a tantrum until we get to see the doctor!

OH! I got a call from my second husband...we have been separated for years but not divorced yet, I refuse to pay for it and he blows his money on himself...well, his girl must have finally put her foot down because he wanted to let me know that he talked to a lawyer and is going to file. Of course, my beau and I will get married, we have been together for 4 years now, but I will have to be a single girl for 3 months according to Alabama law. Fine by me, I am just glad he (or his girl) have come to their senses!

Ok, ok, this is turning into a book....y'all asleep yet!!!???
Be good to yourself!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KAREN608
    Goodness so much news. I love marriages and glad you can remarry when it is all sorted out. Sorry to hear about the pain, and doctors. Yerp.
    Some day you can blog about your wedding, how much fun that will be!
    1875 days ago
    The mini trampoline sounds fun! Just be careful with your knees and ankles, though!

    Good luck finding a good home for your kitty. I'm sorry you have to give your pets up. emoticon

    Sorry about that PA, too. Ugh. I hate medical people like that. It's so frustrating. I hope you get to see the doc next time and get all your questions answered!

    Good luck with the divorce! I hope it all goes through smoothly!
    1882 days ago
  • UP2ME_CC
    Just say no to emoticon
    1882 days ago
    Now I want a trampoline! I don't think it's a good idea in a second floor apartment though. =(

    I hope things work out on the doctor front!

    1882 days ago
  • JENAE954
    Happy 'tramping'.
    1882 days ago
    Ouch! That RLS is no joke. I hope you continue to take it easy. Glad your fish have a new home emoticon and I hope your emoticon finds a new home as well. That PA is a piece of work! I have only had an experience with a PA once and she was actually terrific; better than other doctors I have dealt with. I wish you could of got a chance to see your actual doctor since you are moving. emoticon about the filing of divorce papers! I am sure that made you and your beau's day emoticon Wishing you the best of luck in your days ahead emoticon
    1882 days ago
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