Yesterday was hell at the hospital/ he still needs your prayers!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My brother had to talk to 2 doctors yesterday and the nurse about how unhappy he's been with my dads care he told them he wanted blood gases drawn on my dad cause he's so confused and Wednesday he was fine...
They said they were going to order them and didn't, he asked if the 4th rail on the bed could go up they said no, no one is feeding my dad, he addressed how they have two small girls going to do PT with my dad who is 240 and afraid to get up and pivot into the chair cause he said they'll never be able to hold me up.
The nurse said she didn't know he had to be fed and they only have one CNA on, my brother said can you read? it says it right there in big bold letters on the board it was put there from the night nurse I had spoken to. She said to my brother well how do I know its there HELLO? it's right there on the board in big bold red letters it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it!!!!
I went there I asked about the levels from the blood drawn for his blood gas they said it was never ordered, I said I expected to see him on the by pap oh that's for at night... I ended up talking to the supervising nurse cause we're fed up with the poor care he's getting, they'd rather see my dad fall on the ground then put up a fourth rail... I insisted on it and they put it up and said they had to document it ... so document it both me and my brother want the rail up cause I had to literally sit on the side of the bed and my dad was like trying to push me away he was so out of it and confused he was saying rotten things to both me and my husband (but I know its not him really saying it's meds he's been on and his C o 2 level was up a bit).
My dad was very aggressive wanted to leave the hospital thought he slept in a garage and he wasn't like this Wednesday so something is going on.
The put a sign above his bed saying he's to be fed and that he is heard of hearing, they had the rail up when I left, but I told the doctor on call that I wasn't happy cause the other two doctors are saying they are ordering things and then they don't do it.
I'm under soooooooooooooooooooo much stress it's not even funny, my other brother doesn't say anything but he's always been in his own little world.
My dad left us in quite a pickle as he is saving money for his funeral and god forbid if he has to stay in a nursing home it would be taken away by them.
I'm dealing with my brother on a daily basis and we've really had to come together for the sake of my father cause I think he cares so much because he knows I don't have any money if something happens to my dad he's the only one that is in a financial situation to help pay for his funeral ( I honestly think that's what has him so concerned).
My other brother is non existent in all these talks with the nurses and doctors , right now I'm just glad that my older brother is opening up his mouth and advocating for my dad too... I'm just so stressed out this can't just be done by me..
I'm hoping today's visit my dad is more aware and less violent then he was yesterday...
Please pray for him!
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    Take things one day at a time. You've really done everything that you can. There's only so much you can do. And you do need to take care of yourself ! Stress really can break down a person's body. Try to get some rest and if at all possible, try to relax.

    1789 days ago
    1790 days ago
    You know what.......... I am praying for YOU. Yes your dad needs help but you do too, or you are going to totally collapse and that won't help anyone at all. So hugs to you and kudos to your brother for at least doing that no matter what the motive at least you have someone else "on guard" at the hospital.
    I hope he sleeps well, and the meds and O2 levels get regulated cos that can help a lot.
    1790 days ago
    1790 days ago
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