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Weekly Review: Jan Week 3.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Well this week my efforts were slightly dampened by having Kelvin home. Having anyone around affects me actually, which is why I so deeply value alone time.
That being said, he was nice and came to the gym once.. AND he did this work out all on his own:
I was very proud of him hehe.
We decided since we were not travelling for our holiday to make a home holiday one thing we did was made every meal a brand new recipe we’ve never done before… It was very interesting emoticon
Everything out of the New Zealand cook book "The food truck" tasted FREAKING AWESOME!

Calories emoticon

Date- Cals- Carbs- Fat- Pro--Exercise Cal
14thM-- 1833- 174- 94- 73--
458 Xball
15thT-- 2129- 276- 77- 87--
999 Swimming
16thW--1409- 178- 49- 66--0
17thT-- 1300- 181- 48- 39--
438 Yoga, Run
18thF-- 2040- 254- 86- 73-- 860 Mounta
in Bike
19thS-- 1590- 158- 65- 96--215 Run
20thS-- 1485- 151- 64- 79-- 0

Ideal Range: Cals 1900-2100. Carbs (gms) 220-375 Fat (gms) 44-90 Protein (gms) 60-200 Exercise Cals 500+

Food emoticon
Mon 14th
B: Muesli + Yogurt + Fruit. L: Spark BLT Dip (disaster over 700 calories!) D:Vegetarian Burgers. (home made) Snacks: 2 Cruskits with cream cheese and strawberries.
Tue 15th
B: Muesli etc. L: Pizza hut 1/2 pizza and 1/2 fries (1250 cal). D: Penne Pasta (home made) Snacks: Lollies, 2 biscuits
Wed 16th
B: Muesli etc. L: Cheese on Vogels Toast D: home made butter chicken snack: 1 biscuit, lollies
Thu 17th
B: Kale smoothie L:Mcdonalds double cheeseburger combo (950 cal) D:home made kumara soup (I felt so guilty about Maccas that I didn't snack)
Fri 18th
B: Plum Jam (home made) on toast, L: a steak pie (OMG!) D:Chicken enchinlada (HM) Snack: 8 biscuits (960 cal)
Sat 19th
B None. L: cheese on toast + a pear. iceblock D: Salad, Butterchicken left overs and a naan bread Snack 4 biscuits
Sun 20th (My 34th birthday)
B: None L: Cheese on toast, D: French Rack of Lamb, Chicken bacon Burger, Icecream treat I made at home.. (1000 cals all up for dinner lot)

My range for Calories In: is supposed to be 1900 – 2100 But honestly I’m happy if I hit 1500. As you can see I’m all over the place with that LOL. . I don’t really meal plan for Calories.. I’d like to tho! Carbs frequently low.. on the Monday my fat intake is over, (Spark BLT Dip it tricked me! After I ate half, I shared with Kelvin it said it was servings for 36 people!!!) on Thursday my protein is too low. (Dbl CheeseBurger, Mcd) That’s interesting cos that’s almost the only meat I ate, except pie and Sunday.
Um.. What was bad?? PIZZA HUT WAS SO BAD! And Maccas AND the steak pie…OH MY GOD. There are like at least 5 reasons I don’t eat a meat pie.. I hope I don’t have another in 2013! That doesn’t really concern me as much as the sugar does. I wish there was a sugar counter on Spark.. I ate something like a packet and a half of chocolate covered biscuits, 100g lollies, 50g icecream.. I suppose it could be worse.. It’s just I want to be sugar free.. and.. When there are biscuits (cookies) in the house I turn into the cookie monster. Worse than that, It generates a sugar craving a couple hours later, or a cheese craving! Cruskits are my saving grace sometimes! Lol. I put hummus or cottage cheese or cheese, and tomato on them emoticon
I found I could hit about 1500 calories eating right, but to get it up higher I had to eat something saturated. I think making morning tea would be helpful (fruit)
I also noticed not much fruit and veges are getting in there… 1 vege smoothie, 2 salads, 5 serves of fruit.
Recommendation: Plan one day of food out, with snacks, to try and get to about 1900 calories, healthily Then base eating on this.
Look for recipes on spark with veges in them….. Check serving sizes in future ;)

Exercise emoticon
Mon: Xball 50 mins Tue: Swimming 90 mins
Thu: Yoga at Home.. 25 mins Run/Walk 28 min Fri: Mountain Biking 55 mins (Fell off my bike or it would have been 90 mins lol) Sat: Run/Walk 15 mins
Total: 4.3 hours.
I’m aiming for ten hours a week, So it’s a little low, but the mountain biking was very positive, as was the Xball (balance ball) class. =) Good start.. esp that I didn’t go to the gym much. I have both knee and hip injury on the right, which was noticeable in running, Kelvin and I are training for the 6km city to surf race, in 8 weeks, but I don't know if my body can handle it.

Weight + Measure emoticon
Caloric Deficiency for the week: 6122 (7700 = 1kg) So Estimated 750 grams lost. Actual:
Monday: 102.0 Kgs
Today: 103.4kg (1.4 gain) I don’t feel that weight is accurate, I’d like to re-measure it tomorrow.. but perhaps that’s my birthday for you!!! Lol DOH!
Last week I had a caloric deficiency of 8284 and, I lost an actual 700 grams.. I did have a better week last week, in terms of exercise, But, The estimated weight loss should have been: 1kg and 80 grams. So my weight loss is 46% slower than that projected on Spark People. And that’s if I’m working really hard on it.. so.. It’s that at the maximum rate, Erm.. so… 11242 calories deficiency is my 1kg. (or 5110 for 1pound)

Final Summary emoticon
*Bad food choices are made by a lack of forward planning So.. Plan! Why not just try to plan one day in advance at a time for now, Then record my choices into a weekly plan and use for shopping.
*Sugar cravings do happen: find some healthier recipes and make some up and put them in the freezer
*Set an alarm system to remind me of Gym classes, immediately! (I missed a class while writing this!)
*Design a 1900 calorie day.
*Perhaps shift calorie allowance to 1500 -1900 instead?
*Figure out if the carb/fat/protein is accurate on spark… given I want a 40/30/30 break down.
*Take some confidence pills re: Going to the gym! Perhaps.. Write a list up of things I need to think to psyche myself up for it.
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