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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yesterday was my third anniversary on Sparks. I had thought of all the great changes that have come to my life since I started Sparks and so I was eager to start writing about them. The first item I mentioned however had to be my first goal and that was to loose 94# why I just didn’t say 100 tells you a lot about how my thinking was back then.. It doesn’t matter why now, for it didn’t happen like I had hoped and right away the negative attitude ruled its ugly head and writing a blog wasn’t going to happen for how could I tell those who may read it, I was a failure. I tossed it around all night for it really nagged at me for the one thing, the biggest thing; even the best thing I have accomplished on Sparks is to look more to the positive. I just blogged about it for crying out loud for a New Years blog and yet the first flash back I’m throwing the lesson learned away. I wrote “ I’ve finally learned that being, doing and acting positive will get me more results, create more happiness and well being than any thing else I could do for myself. I no longer wait for things to happen. If I want things to change I now know it begins with me having to make the moves not just wishing but doing. Well some of it must have stuck for I got up this morning and really thought of my progress and this is what I’ve come up with. .....
1. I’ve gone from a size 26 jean to starting to fit some very cool looking 16’s
2. I no longer have a 3X in my closet ... was even able to throw out the old for I'm not keeping for just in case.
3. I have walked miles, and am building up to some running, and my exercise equipment are no longer gathering dust. I even bought new ones!
4. I have learned the words and do kettle bells, zumba, and pilates I EXERCISE NOW!!!!
5. I have introduced new and healthy foods to my home and love the adventure of trying something new.
6. I have the control to say “A sweet is a treat not a need”.....
7. I read labels, check nutrients, serving size and calories regularly on products I bring into my home.
8. I have grown stronger in mind as well as body and know I am a person worthy of love and respect and I am a great wife, mother, daughter and friend
9. I now make time for me....for I am IMPORTANT!
10. And finally I AM more positive and trying to see and do things in the positive way. It still may be a work in progress as the weight loss is, but I’m moving in the right direction. And as to not completing that weight loss goal well in truth I have lost over 94 pounds for I did lose it and some more in the last three years to bad a lot of it was regain/lost regained but looking at it in a POSITIVE WAY it taught me some very valuable lessons and ones I don’t plan to repeat this year!
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