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Easier said than done...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Of course, it's easier to describe what I'm going through, address the issues that I've noted that have gotten me where I am and itemize my goals then to *put into action* my plans... 'IF IT WAS EASY, EVERYONE WOULD DO IT".

It's time to get myself together. It's not just about the number on the scale, but the way I feel. And right now, I feel crappy. After a hectic crazy work week, I managed to cook twice-- and not take care of myself at all. A work crisis led me to little sleep (5 hours one night and 3 the next...) and I'm sure that didn't help-- but then crappy eating and by Friday I had the most heinous headache I've had in a long time. Go figure-- I know how food can effect my well-being and mood. I just ignore that knowledge until it's too late.

So-- to stop talking about it, and be about it: I've managed to make a huge salad for the week, baked chicken breasts, made a healthy crock-pot of shredded barbeque chicken (perfect for personal pizzas on whole wheat tortillas) and have stocked up on fresh fruit, fresh veggies and some frozen fruits.

I recently got the Ninja Kitchen System for a Christmas gift (well, I exchanged the 1100 for the 1500 because I had 30% off at Kohl's and got it for like $20 out of pocket emoticon ) I just had a blended snack of kiwi, frozen grapes & frozen strawberries-- talk about yummy... The Ninja is so cool! I am trying to find recipes for it and am coming up with my own... I can't wait to make my green smoothie with kale, etc... We'll see if I can come up with the comparable to Green Machine emoticon

And of course, after having good foods/snacks since 6 a.m. this morning-- I feel better than I have all week. I just have to make the effort to treat myself well and take a moment to fuel with good things (or to fuel at all?! I didn't eat at all on Friday, which is probably where part of that headache came from-- I finally had dinner at around 5:30 and it wasn't a good choice-- burger & fries at the movies...)

Time to get to it and start living my plans, start reaching my goals.

What are *you* going to do for *yourself*? How do you put your plans into action to reach your goals???

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BYEFATNANNY 1/21/2013 4:08AM

    Good job of being aware of what you are doing. Its easy not to take care of ourselves, why is it harder to take care of ourselves. I've been "down" with a very bad knee then 2 weeks of the flu. I'm taking care of myself, but I can't wait to feel "human" again. Stay aware and keep up the good work.

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STRINGI719 1/20/2013 4:37PM

    Great job, and SOOOOOO true. What we eat and drink, the activity we do or don't do, and how much sleep we get make a HUGE impact on how we feel. It really helps me to make good decisions at least 90% of the time, because I am not willing to feel badly following a bad decision very often anymore!

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SUSANBEAMON 1/20/2013 3:53PM

  first i have to make my plans more concrete. give them timelines and specfic goals. i haven't done that yet. i know i need to, but i haven't done it.

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NANCYPAT1 1/20/2013 3:46PM

    Good for you. You are doing great. That is the secret ingredient in success - planning and effort. You got organized and focused - you are on the way!!

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