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Dresses and a 10k

Sunday, January 20, 2013

For BLC21, our weekend challenge included a challenge to, well, challenge ourselves -- to push ourselves to do something we have been otherwise not doing. I have been talking a big game for months about working my way up to a 10k, but I had lost steam and done nothing whatsoever in over a month to push myself distance-wise. So I mapped out a route and committed myself to doing it -- to running 6.2 miles without stopping or walking.

Sunday is normally my off-day exercise-wise, but I got up well before dawn this morning and headed north on the state highway, running around the large pond one town north of us, past the zoo, past the water processing plant, past the ice rink, and then over the last 1.5 miles of my shortest regular run. It turn out I *can* run 10k. I actually ran 6.3 miles in 65 minutes. For most of it, I easily maintained a 10 minute/mile pace but backed off the pace around 4.5/5 miles in when my guts remembered that I attended a chili cook-off yesterday :) I felt so good when I was done, both from adrenaline and from the sense of accomplishment. Got something you've been scared to try? Just try -- you might surprise yourself!!

On an unrelated note, I realized on Friday that I have to attend a ball for work next Saturday. And I did not have a dress, as all my nice dresses were ones I bought/wore when I weighed 15-20 pounds less than I do now. So yesterday I made a quick trip to Nordstrom Rack and picked up two dresses. I tried on a ton, but most didn't work for one reason or another. The two I grabbed were each $38 and were/are cocktail dresses, which was not what I was looking for (though a friend said that she has attended this event in the past and a ton of people wore cocktail dresses -- there's no actual dancing at the ball, as it's principally a professional networking cocktail party). But none of the floor-length ones worked at all. I had my husband photograph me in each and posted them on Facebook for people to vote. I also had him zip me into my one definitely-ball-appropriate dress, which barely zipped but actually felt fine once the zipper was up. I added that in. Here the three choices are, if anyone else would like to weigh in. Keep in mind, my husband took these photos using my phone, and he was focused on the dresses, so the pics themselves are semi-terrible. (And read nothing into my facial expression or body language in any given photo -- all dresses are equally comfortable.)

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