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Returning to weekly goals

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I've been slacking on weekly goals recently, but I'm back again to redouble my efforts:

Goal 1: 25 grams of fiber 6 x a week
Goal 2: Ice shins when they are in pain
Goal 3: Treadmill 20 minutes a day 7x a week
Goal 4: Pilates every single day
Goal 5: Calories between 1600-1800 4-5 days a week
Goal 6: Get final graduate school applications in order
Goal 7: Begin to apply to good jobs
Goal 8: Work on getting certified
Goal 9: Catch up on Statistics and Calculus

I've realized that if I focus on my fiber intake then I will naturally get a reasonable amount of servings when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Plus, fiber binds to cholesterols and fatty acids, and takes them out of your system.

I'm still recovering from shin splints, and I have to stay on top of them, since I still want to be active and I don't have any insurance.

I really slacked off on cardio last week. Part of it was an application I had to turn in, the other part was me putting it off my 3x a week till thursday. If I can at least get myself on the treadmill, I may do more than 20 minutes, and if not, I'd have gotten 20 minutes of cardio in.

Pilates was the thing that helped me initially lose 2.5 inches off my waist as well as my hips, but I did it every day. I also need to continue to make sure that my pelvic girdle is strong so that I don't get injured when I push myself doing any other activity.

I've been doing really poorly when it comes to consuming calories. I can track them, but I will eat up to 1900 instead of staying in my set range, even if I'm not hungry. I have tons of snacks that are high fiber, full of nutrients, and I'm going to remind myself that I need to stick to my goals if I want that scale to move below 200.

Graduate school applications, applying to a job, working on getting certified: I need a job, with insurance, and I need to move forward with my life. I'm getting closer to my thirties and I still live with my parents. This is unacceptable for me. I need to push myself so that I can have a savings, have security, and live my life to the fullest. Just like I pushed myself to exercise till it became a habit, now I have to push myself to excel so that I can be financially successful.

Statistics an calculus: One of them is needed because of my career choice, the other because I also need to exercise my mind too!
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