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Sunday, January 20, 2013

My husband is officially working full time starting tomorrow. Two problems with that. First, it's basically an hour away. Second, he won't get home until 8pm. I go to bed around 9:30 so I am not waiting to eat supper until 8. He'll have to deal with heating his up.

Anyway, with him working an hour away we need to think about moving. Where we live is really expensive so this may be good. He said we can look for a place between where I work and he works so neither of us are driving an hour. That means we could find a place in a smaller town so I finally get out of the city. Or I can look for a new job closer to his. He knows I like my job and I've been there for 3 years. They are going through some issues right now though. Hours are being cut, the supervisors took a pay cut, and we're losing some of our vacation pay. I told him I could try getting a job at Hobby Lobby if the one in the other town is hiring. They pay more than what I get now and have benefits. They're closed Sunday's so we'd always have at least one day off together. But I don't know if they're hiring full time. He thinks I should ride it out at my current job.

With him working later I will have almost 4 hours to myself every night. I have time to work on my crafts and get exercise in. I may even go to my Avon meeting tomorrow. Haven't been in awhile because life was getting too complicated. I started selling a year and a half ago to get my MIL off my back. I was going to stop, but the girls at work wanted their books. Now I may start spending actual time on it. I'm also talking to one of my friends about setting up an Etsy shop tomorrow. I can sell hats, ruffled scarves, Easter ducks, picture washcloths, maybe soap and flower pins. All sorts of things. I'm trying to come up with a name for my shop. I'm leaning toward Grandma's Spirit. I come from a long line of crafters. Knitting, crocheting, quilting, photography, writing, etc. I think all the women do something.

If I can get my shop on Etsy to be successful I won't have to worry so much about my hours being cut at the center. Plus, my mom is bringing my sewing machine over when they come in March for Easter. Then I can add tag blankets to my list. I'm very excited about Etsy I think.

I took my cats to the vet for their annual check-up and shots. Both seem ok, even though Cleo has a lump on her neck and spots in her eye. The vet says to keep an eye on the lump because it could be from a scratch or bite from the other one. If it grows or gets "ugly" I have to take her back to get it removed, but it isn't anything to worry about. Her eye is just changing colors a little. She's 13-14 years old so it's normal, especially for a Himalayan. The bad news is they both need to join SparkPeople (SparkPets?) and lose weight. Especially Cleo, of course, since she is my problem child. So I am starting by limiting their Fancy Feast to one can a day and found indoor food that is supposed to help with weight management. Same brand I've been giving them for years, except it's indoor advantage instead of hairball control. Besides it is supposed to help with the wonderful hairballs as well.

Here's to a new week and a new adventure.
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    When it comes to jobs and living arrangements, options are important. There is nothing lost to getting information. Call the Hobby Lobby and ask questions. See what other places in the area might be hiring. There is nothing wrong with setting up even a dozen job interviews and giving yourself the chance to CHOOSE between any jobs you're offered - or choose to stay at your job for now. Once you make some choices about the job situation, then you can look at the housing situation. Be open to options you hadn't considered before, try for jobs you might not be fully qualified for but you know you can learn to do (you never know what you can get until you try), look for apartments in several areas (hint: contact the city inspector's office to ask which places have the fewest complaints; I learned this the hard way), and be willing to dream a little.

    In case you didn't know this, when you change your cat's food, mix the old brand with the new brand, changing the ratio slowly over time: 75/25, 50/50, 25/75, etc. If you change it quickly they can get very sick; just like if a human tries to instantly go from eating nothing but fast food to nothing but veggies. Many pet owners don't realize this. Also, some pets respond better to food if you offer them dry food all day that they can eat when they're hungry then give them a small amount of canned or soft moist food once at night or once every few days. When my cat was younger he'd eat any food he had available and get sick because he'd gorge himself. Now he's 7yo and I've gotten him used to having dry food available all the time and he only gets a small amount (1-2 tbsp) of his beloved canned food when he's been good all day. He's now mostly muscle and fur. Also, I have him lick off the plastic fork I use for scooping the canned food, but he has to stretch on his tip toes (he uses 1 paw on my hand to hold himself steady) to reach the fork. That's been adding to his muscles a lot!
    1614 days ago
    Those are some exciting things to think about! Knowing only that much about your situation, I would suggest not quitting your job yet but once you've moved it wouldn't hurt to look around your new area to see if any comparable options are available. It never hurts to keep an eye out for new opportunities emoticon But maybe if Avon and/or Etsy take off for you, it won't be an issue!

    Post an update if you do make an Etsy shop! I've been curious but not sure my crafts are "good enough" to hang in there with the big kids.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1614 days ago
    I love the name you are thinking of for your esty shop. I also love to do a lot of different crafts.
    1614 days ago
  • THOMS1
    emoticon emoticon
    1614 days ago
  • LYNNA1968
    your thinking outside the box and at other options which is fantastic. I don't know about you but really enjoy time to myself. Look at the new job and see how many if any people they have had to let go due to the economy (if they have been down sizing, new hires are usually the first to leave) you have some time already vested. My mom sells avon and was doing pretty well but things have been slowing down. If there is a spark pets lol let me know my "trainer" is a bit on the fluffy side. Lol
    Good luck on everything
    1614 days ago
    sounds like you're m aking it work
    1614 days ago
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