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5lbs away + revamping home ideas.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 pounds away from the perfect fit.

1st let me say that my jumpsuit came in. 14 Ėheck! I donít think so. I think itís more of a 12 than a 14. Itís not a 14 (wide) and these hips arenít going to be able to rock that item no time soon. Iím looking at summer, because itís very light, and you can see through it. My husband informed me that Iím going to have to find a nice undergarment for that suit, and heís right. After trying it on, I knew I wasnít going to push it over my hips. It wasnít a go. One thigh look like it could have worn the whole damn jumpsuit all together, but I didnít let that hurt my feelings at all. I just knew deep down in my heart that it wasnít a size 14. I went looking inside for a ďtagĒ that would have the size on it, and I saw no tag. That made me upset, but then again. I said. Maybe the unknown is what I need to push me past all my hiccups. Iím going to wear this jumpsuit by the summer, and there are no ifís ands or buts about it.


Moving right alongÖ I started to try on some clothes; in the back of my closet.
A pair of jeans I havenít worn in a while went on with easy, and I smiled and told my husband to take a look. He said. Almost! And heís smiling too. Eyes all misty as if the man was going to cry over my happiness, but he didnít; he just said keep it up. I shall, I will, I must continue. So, I reached for a size 14 and I brought these slacks a while back, but never really like the fit of these dress pants. I got them on sale, and it was a must have for me. So, I showed them off to my husband, and they fit perfect, but these thighs, but my mom dress slacks fits tight in the thighs as well, so that didnít put a big damper on my progress. Iím seeing it. The scale only show so much, but the clothes tells the truth. Those clothes arenít going to yo-yo you around. They are going to get right to the point. If they slip on easy you are a winner, if you have to jump up and down and lay flat on your back to zip them up and use force grips, then dammit itís a no go, try again another day before you bust the zipper.

So, I was so excited about those clothes going on with ease, but the jumpsuit kinda tricked me, because from the looks of it Ėit looked too damn big, but when I tried to put them on, the hips told me the truth Ėwhat my eyes could not see, and that it was too damn small, and I donít need to force them on. It is what it is. Itís work and Iím grateful for the challenge. Because I paid 36.95 for this jumpsuit, and I be damn if I donít wear it come summer with some nice heel sandals. I be-eeeeeeeeeee damn if I donít shake my groove thang in this. Itís too sexy not to wear. Itís too sexy not to bust my ass to get into. Itís too sexy not to be my own damn eye candy in this, so Iím doing it.

Haha! Yíall like how Iím psyching myself up. Yeah! I like it too. Iím ready!
Iím 5 pounds away from the perfect fit with a few of the things in my closet now.
Iím 5 pounds away from reaching my 172 ending point goal in January. And I want to be 170, but Iíll take 172. I can only take what my body is going to give me, but if it gives me 172lbs Iíll be grateful.

Everything is looking on the up and up.
We went out to dinner for my daughterís birthday; her birthday was yesterday sheís 18 now.
I plan on fixing up my kitchen, and having dinner cooked way before 5 tomorrow.
And Iím going to de-clutter some stuff. Iím going to work in my house on my day off, and enjoy it. There is so much to do in this house, and one poster on my blog is so right. One room at a time; thatís a must do.

Iíve been looking at some other revamping ďhouseĒ ideas.

Look at these images.

I love this image here, and I have a round table that is black that I would love to put at the end of my island. When I saw this, I said well. This is perfect, and it will go great. Iím changing out a lot of colors in my kitchen, and my husband understands that our kitchen will one day be; black on white. And Iím going to frame dishes of food from a cook book in black with a white photo trim frame. This is going to take time to put together, but I know with a month ĖIíll master the look I want. Iím going to give myself 2 months to master the look, because a lot of the stuff I plan on doing to my house will beÖDIY projects. Iím also going to look for a ďREDĒ valance for a pop of color as well this project is going to be a great start of renewing the spirit and reconnecting to a healthy eating lifestyle.
I also saw these baskets the other day, and I was thinking. I should use these in my kitchen. I donít have a lot of hidden space for some of the cooking appliances I have, so Iím working on a nice storage station for them as well.

What else do I have going on that need a massive make me over?
Living roomÖimage here.

I found some nice bold print chairs the other day, and thought about placing them on each side of my fireplace, but my TV set up is killing that idea. I can get away with one chair, if I get rid of my sectional, and thatís coming soon. I know I donít want a love set or a long sofa in the same space, but my husband said I can make it work. So, I hope to have a new living room set by June. Iím thinking of a nice deep brown color for the living room sofa, with pops of lime green and gold for the pillows. I was sharing this idea with my husband as well, and saw a wonderful sofa set going for 400. Income tax buyÖIím sure everything in my house will turn out great! My husband said. No Sofa sleepers. I agree! No sofa sleepers.

Master bedroomÖ.
I havenít seen anything as of now eye catching.
Iím looking for something, but as soon as I find it or put my room together. I will share.
Same with the master bathroom and closet, I will share.

Well, Iím off. I think all this de-cluttering and fixing up of my home will really help me de-clutter a few more pounds.

Thanks for reading...
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