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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well, thank goodness I am back online! My brother is making a long term loan to me of an iMac. I have been messing around with it this afternoon, and catching up with my online communities.

I don't really know how I did with nutrition while I was unable to track regularly, but I just finished dinner and had only eaten half my calories for the day, so I bet I was under my calorie range for the most part. I have definitely become accustomed to tracking everything, because it felt really weird not to be able to track my nutrition and fitness.

On the fitness front I am doing pretty well. I successfully completed Day 1 of Week 3 of the 5k running training program. I have really been racking up the mileage. I am averaging well over 10 miles a day walk/run/pedal. My rower doesn't tell me distance, but I have been putting in some quality time with it, so I am sure that if it did I would have more miles to add to my total. I am having a little trouble with my left knee. It doesn't hurt, it is just stiff. It is strange , once I get moving on a walk or run it feels fine. It is only when I am done with my workout and sit down for a while that it stiffens up. I know I have arthritis in my feet, so maybe I have a touch of it in my knee as well?

I have been increasing the weights I am using for my ST. I started with fairly light weights with the new ST workout the PT set me up with, but I have been slowly but steadily increasing the weight, so now it is a definite challenge. I am getting my money's worth from my gym membership, that is for certain!

I had a really nice day today. Since it was Saturday I walked the dog early, so I could get to the bank, Farmer's Market, and be at my parents' house in time to make them lunch. It was simple today... I had made a big pot of split pea soup on Thursday, so I took three servings of that, plus I bought a loaf of fresh baked bread at the market to take with me. We also had salad and baked apples with pecans. It turned out very tasty. After lunch Cooper and I came home and sat in front of the computer for a little while, then went out for a nice long walk since it was warmer today. It is supposed to get really cold over night, and be about 12 degrees tomorrow and Monday. When it is that cold I can't take Cooper for long walks, because he gets miserably chilled and I end up tucking him inside my jacket and carrying him, I also haven't done anything about my glove situation so my fingers get painfully cold when it gets really cold out. The pain makes me grouchy, which I don't like. I know, I know... there is a simple solution. I should just invest in a pair of good gloves and stop complaining! Harumph.

Anyway, things in general are going well, the scale only dropped .2 this week, but I didn't gain, so maybe I will break free of this plateau in the near future. It is so good to have a computer once again!
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