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What happens when life happens?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn't it? Things deviate from the plan because life throws curve balls at you occasionally. You take a swing and you miss.

You miss by a lot sometimes.

Baseball is filled with so many wonderful lessons for life, so I think I will stick with the baseball analogy.

Both my sons are heavy into baseball. They pretty much play all year long. Both of them really get down on themselves when they strike out or make an out in general. They have the mindset that they will get a hit each and every time they go up to bat.

That's a really great thing to aspire to, but it isn't realistic. Not at all. I tell my kids all the time that actually gettng a hit 3 out of 10 times is really excellent. That's right. 30% success in baseball means you are a .300 hitter. If a player can hit .300 year in and year out consistently over the course of a 15 to 20 year career, they usually are a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Another way to look at that statistic is that those Hall of Famers are expected to fail 70% of the time when going up to bat, yet they are still considered excellent players.

They usually maintain proper form when they stand in the batters box. They follow through properly by swinging through the ball. Their head, shoulder, arms are all in proper alignment with their hips...

Yep. They consistently maintain proper form. Occasionally they go into slumps and may make adjustments or tweaks to get out of those slumps. And eventually the hits start coming again.

On November 6, 2012, I started back on SparkPeople after a long hiatus. I call it my SP 'rebirth.' I set out to change everything about the way I approached my health vowing to make healthy choices every day for the long term.

I became active in the SP community, unlike my first experience on here. I decided to become a 'streaker!' Yes, that's right, I am a STREAKER and proud!! Since November 6th, I have...

Stayed within my calorie limits 71 consecutive days
Drank a minimum of 64 oz of water for 60 consecutive days
Sparked daily also for 71 days... tracking every morsel of food which enters my mouth

Pretty cool, huh? I am pretty psyched about that!

Slowly I began to incorporate exercise... at first just a couple of times a week, then went up to 3 or 4 times. I would walk on the treadmill or do Wii Fit mostly. I then signed up for a Zumba class a couple times a week.

But then on December 18th I committed to doing at least 30 minutes of cardio daily. I was getting many more minutes on most days but 30 was the commitment.

Sunday January 13th was the 27th day of my exercise streak. But Monday January 14th was NOT the 28th day.

Yes, my streak ended after 27 days. It ended because life happened and it got in the way.

My mother-in-law became critically ill. My husband was planning on going to see her in MO mid week but on Sunday we got a call that he needs to hurry up and get out there as soon as possible. We scrambled to make that happen and he went out Monday morning on a 6:30 AM flight.

I woke at 3 AM Monday to drive him to the airport. I then rushed back home to get my kids ready for school, packed my lunch and snacks, packed their lunches and snacks, and away we went. I worked all day and came home to get them to their after school activities. After shuttling them everywhere we came home, I made dinner, helped with homework, tossed in a couple loads of laundry, and followed up on a few loose ends on work email.

By the time it was all said and done, it was 9 PM and my eyelids were so heavy that I could not stay awake to do my 30 minutes of cardio. It weighed heavily on me to break the streak. But in the end I listened to my body which was screaming for sleep. I did not exercise.

I woke up the next morning well rested but filled with remorse and disappointment. In the past I would probably have let that be the end. Instead I said that I would have to start a new streak and I did.

And so... here I am. I am at day 4 of the new streak. It has helped that I went to Zumba twice and I brought my kids with me. But in between I did 30 minutes of Leslie Sansone videos.

My husband has been away all week but I have been helped by my angels here on earth. My dad has been a tremendous help with the kids. And one of my friends brought enough food on Monday night to literally last me all week. I have not had to cook and so I have been able to exercise.

Yes, when God closes a door He also opens a window. There is always a silver lining if we choose to look for it.

My lesson learned is that it's ok to make a mistake or to have an off day, or even several off days. But the key is to get back to the program immediately. Start over!! The key is consistency.

I have now exercised 32 out of the last 33 days. That's pretty good. I should be happy about that kind of consistency and I am.

What are you doing to keep up with your program? Life will ALWAYS get in the way. Stuff will ALWAYS happen to derail us. When you get derailed, just START OVER! Do it again, and again, and again. There's no shame in starting over. But there is in not getting back on track.

By the numbers since 11/6/12:

Exercise Streak - 4 Days (32 out of 33 days)
Tracking and within calorie limits - 71 days
Water consumption of 64 oz - 60 days
Pounds lost - 24

Here's to our good health!

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