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A thoroughly unmoving entry

Saturday, January 19, 2013

You know, as opposed to a video blog where at least my mouth is moving? I tried rambling into the webcam embedded in this laptop, which I've used just a handful of time in the 9 months I've had this machine, and kept running out of steam. Either I bored myself, or got hyperaware of my funky speech patterns, or just had awkward silences, or a host of other maladies that just make for not good viewing. So I didn't upload either of those efforts. Eventually, I'll capture something worth sharing. Might take another 9 months, as I'm not in any particular hurry.

Second day of drinking 8 cups of water, and tracking absolutely everything I eat. The water isn't too difficult, as all it really takes is to think about it and make sure to sneak an extra cup here and there where you wouldn't have if you weren't thinking about it. I'm sure, eventually, those extra cups could become the norm, but for now, trying to put together a 4 day streak. The tracking is a bit odd, as I felt like I overate moderately yesterday, and just cracked the bottom of the calorie range indicated by the tracker. Not sure if that's a function of the tracker being set to faulty coordinates (I don't recall ever having tweaked the calorie goals), or a fault in accurate tracking, as it's something I never do, and am attempting for BLC purposes only. Annoying have to add every little bit. Annoying to see what every little bit entails, which, I suppose, is the point. Stop eating an annoying amount, right? Kind of felt like an older sibling telling a youngun to stop hitting themselves when they were controlling the kid's arm. I refuse to answer whether I ever did that to my little brother.

Got another streak going, a whole two days on which I've run a quarter mile for the point of running a quarter mile. Did so as part of a mile wog, yesterday's time was 13:45 for 7:5 walk to jog ratio. Was going to try for half and half, a quarter mile of each at a time, but the quarter mile job isn't my favorite thing to do, let's just put it that way. Today's time, which ended up 8:4 walk/run ratio, was 15:02, partly fueled by a slower walking crowd on the oval, partly fueled by my going out there after using the elliptical, as opposed to before, like I did on Friday. Sad thing is, going slower won't help me increase the distance; the motion, while running for its own sake, just feels wrong to me. Might just be a complete and utter lack of technique; I was watching the reflection in the glass surrounding the track wondering if I was striding too upright, or if "too upright" was even a thing in running. Obviously, I know nothing about running.

So, having rambled on in a manner that's proven the title true, I shall end now. And prepare myself for Red Wings hockey. One reason to be glad to be back in Michigan, being able to watch the Wings on TV, without relying on shady, perhaps illegal, less than great quality internet streams. LGRW!
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    Awesome job on the streaks!!!!
    1704 days ago
    I once thought my calorie range was too high and discovered (to my dismay) that when I first signed up for Spark I accidentally selected the 'maintenance' mode, not the 'weight loss' mode. Sadly the only way to fix this was to blow out all my entries and start over (it keeps you favorite foods, just not the logs).

    You might also try going to your start page and selecting 'change goal' under the calorie range or weight loss range. That will adjust your calorie range for sure.

    Welcome back to the Mitten. Where are you now?
    1706 days ago
    welcome back to Michigan...
    1706 days ago
    I know nothing about running and attempt it sometimes too! I usually use the couch to 5k or zombies, run app --at least they keep me entertained!
    1706 days ago
    Hang in there!
    1707 days ago
  • ANDY_54
    I think your running is great! It's actually what I would call the galloway system (as in Jeff galloway) he ascertains that you really should do a combo of walk and run. Lots of runners do that (me, too)--saves on joints and energy and allows you to finish pretty strong as opposed to being totally wacked out. So wogging is good!

    Have no idea about the tracker--have not tracked all week so don't know if there is a glitch in the system somewhere. Mayeb you eat less than you think you do?
    1707 days ago
    Congrats on trying to add some running to you walk. Maybe when you start running for longer periods you will feel that "runner's high".

    You should have someone look at your form when you are running. You may be doing fine, or you may need to change someting a bit. Running was natural to me, but my grandaughter used to look like she was dragging her body along, or running with heavy weights on her legs. She loved playing softball but was awful at running the bases. Her parents worked with her and she is a better runner, still working on her form, but a better runner than she was. emoticon
    1707 days ago
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