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Decided to Do It Good Enough!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

ďJust Do ItĒ Weekend Challenge

DECIDE to just DO IT.

Have a break-through this weekend. Attack anything that has been holding you back. It could be something you fear. Maybe something that makes you feel silly. Something you think you canít do. Have you told yourself that youíre too old/heavy/out of shape to do something? Maybe youíve been putting something off for tomorrow, and tomorrow hasnít ever came. Tackle it, DO IT. Need some ideas? Ask on your team chat thread, your teammates may have some ideas to help spark you! Set 1 goal of 1 obstacle to overcome. Can be done anytime Friday through Monday. One time points awarded. 100 points.

There you have it. The ďDĒ in the DO IT.

Seriously....there is a picture for everything and an excuse for everything. So....I DECIDED to stop waiting for my life to settle and get perfect again because itís not going to. What IS normal anyway? Perfect? Really....Truth is that we make choices every day and that I could sit and wait for things to change and continue to put things off waiting until I can get the just right _______ or ______ to organize ______ and ______ but then Iíd really be in a pickle because itís just not happening. When we left Michigan we sold mostly everything in order to do something really important for the teen. I thought that by now Iíd have been able to buy new furniture but I havenít been able to so I still have no nightstands or dressers and yes, Iím living out of the closet and Iím going to continue living out of my closet. So guess what? This is the weekend to make it work manageably. My Christmas decor was still all over the place yesterday because I needed the overhead system in the garage that I was promised because we moved from a house with a horse barn, a garage and over 4,000 SF into a much smaller house and while we got rid of TONS it wasnít enough. I NEED to get rid of more. I was promised a studio when we got here. Itís not happening and wonít for awhile. I NEED to make things work. Where are those big girl panties? The ONE small under the stair storage we had is gone as of yesterday. I cleared it out and made a kennel - yes I did. We adopted a GREAT DANE over Christmas.
A rescue who is petrified of kennels having been confined in a too small one his entire life. But in order to live I have to be able to confine him safely sometimes so I made a ďkennel out of this ďroomĒ under the stairs for him. That was the ONLY storage this house had. Uhoh....EVENTUALLY, I will get wall unit that will hold the things that were stored under there. EVENTUALLY, I will get that overhead storage. But that wasnít happening and I couldnít wait any longer. So yesterday, I made Jasper a kennel. I moved a couch out of Toriís music room into the family room/bar/studio (finished basement) and moved some of the things into her music room) where one wall will eventually be a wall unit/storage. Sorry Tori; everyone has to sacrifice. This weekend the weather is decent and the tiny garage that neither of our cars will EVER fit in because it is storage for my too much stuff and our six bikes will be drug out and rearranged again post Christmas. My wreaths (is 20+ wreaths too many? I believein celebrating anything/everything after all!) will be hung up there and I have an idea to do so.

I have the rest of the weekend to finish up in my closet and the garage. I didn't take a before picture of that. Oh well; you get the jest of it!

And, Iím doing a few lists so that communication of what I need help with is on the table for a big family meeting this weekend. I am overwhelmed with the new fur family member and everyone needs to know what they can do to help.

There you have it. Nothing earth shattering but my breaking point was yesterday. I am a perfectionist. A little bit Type A who used to have the nickname Miss Anal Retentia and a Great Dane and a small house is teaching me that itís ok to ask for help and that good enough really IS ok! And my husband just said that he doesn't believe that I would share photos here that weren't "just right" and you know what? THAT is a huge JUST DO IT and I DID!

Thanks BLC! I needed this! I feel better already!

1739 Sunday 20 January (11 days left in this first day of the NEW Year and I'm workin' it!)

Finished the garage to the extent that I can with what I have. Got rid of some things. Not as much as I should but to go through EVERY container and make those decisions would have taken DAYS and rather than do it thoroughly and perfectly I DID IT!

A few notes: *I* don't drink Gatorade as it has ingredients in it that I find "icky" (scientific term). There are other canned goods that I don't consume. We TRY to be clean and do a GREAT job but are NOT 100% I LOVE to cook but if you can't and want to have a GREAT "clean" Paleo marinara - try this Rao's - NOM MOM! The canned green beans are not for human consumption - not OURS anyway. The two dogs each share a can of green meals 2x a day for fiber and bulk. emoticon And yes, I have a crap ton of STUFF. Those containers are for holidays. I have a bajillion for each holiday and multiple, multiple for Halloween and Christmas. And YES, this is AFTER down-sizing and being ruthless six months ago when we moved and our house is HALF as big. :::sigh:::

Good enough right?

Still working it!

Additionally, I bought a domain and I'm going to build it and I'm working on my calendar and budget and all kinds of things! Actually DOING IT!

Update Monday 1626

emoticon We have a saying in the USMC Semper Gumby (always flexible)....Got up early this morning and did laundry, worked on some putting away/rearranging etc. from projects the past few days, sparked, java and Pepco came to do an inspection and replace bulbs. Then we were SUPPOSED to have brisket tonight but Miss Meal Plannig had failed to plan and marinate overnight. No worries, I flip flopped and the brisket is marinating for tomorrow night and tonight I'm simmering spaghetti and meatballs. It's actually meatballs and marinara sauce (homemade) cuz I don't "do" pasta. Anyhoo...

And then we had to go recycle bulbs at Home Depot and they had cabinets 4o% off and that brings me to why my closet remains undone....

The basement is DONE (good enough) and another living space for our burgeoning family fur and human! Oh! I also carpeted Jaspers new living quarters today and am on load EIGHT of laundry doing duvets and such.

Final edit coming in under the wire at 2043 the closet is done on some level of Good Enough TOO! Brian is peeking out from behind the corner of HIS end of the closet . I didn't promise to do his end. He actually has the lion's share of this closet and the guest room for his uniforms and professional attire in armoires. DONE! And now to make the bed and call it a LOOOONG but productive weekend!

Life is good!

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