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Trying desperately to reign in health problems

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's been a while since I have posted, or logged on SP, but so much as happened. Between having to scale back intensity and number of minutes on work out due to my knee throbbing (I think it's from the muscle I tore this summer in the back of my leg), to a flare up of health problems. It's hard to stay focused and motivated. I am not able to do much, but at least during this time I am not overeating I guess.
Maybe one of you has some insight on the health problems while we wait for more test results and medication doses to take effect.
This may be a long post so brace yourself.
When I was 19 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It did not come as a shock considering my great grand mother, great aunts, grandmother, aunts, mom, sister and female cousin all are hypo. I am the first one to admit that I was not always good about staying on my medication (without alarms on my phone I just don't remember to take pills). But since this April I have been pretty good about taking my meds.
April I have an episode that makes my feet swell. Between an allergic reaction to a spray tan, my thyroid #s being off and spending an entire weekend in a car, my blood pressure spiked. Checked for clots due to the swelling and thankfully there were none. My BP was 187/107 or something in that range. Put me on BP meds with a water pill and also adjust my thyroid meds and send me on my way.
In July I pulled the muscle in my calf (not that it's really relevant).
I also around the same time develop some stomach pain that kind of feels like the start of a kidney infection. It lasts a couple days and I have some diarrhea, but I chalk it up to the fact that our power was out and it was 95 degrees and I was just dehydrated. It goes away on its own and I don't think about it again.
The weekend after Labor Day I am at a festival with my little and my mom and sister. My stomach starts hurting on the drive over. We have a burger and fries while my little rides the carnival rides and I visit with family and friends. My stomach cramping grows worse and worse until it hurts to walk. I drop my little off at home and can barely hold it as I run through the door of my house. I have diarrhea again and again and again. I keep thinking I have a stomach flu, or got some food poisoning. This is on the Saturday. By Monday it still hurts in my stomach when I walk, I can't eat without diarrhea very very quickly and I have stomach acid coming up my throat every time I try to lay down or sleep.
The doctor presses around on my stomach and due to where I have pain and the fact that my stools are now a greyish green color, he thinks I have gallbladder issues. We do an ultrasound (that hurts like hell) and a pregnancy test. Nothing. He orders a HIDA scan. After the scan I eat mashed potatoes and applesauce and again barely make it home before I am just completely taken over by having to run to the bathroom. I work the next few days with these symptoms, eating 500 calories or less a day, and most of those coming out one end or the other. HIDA scan turns up nothing, and instead of ordering bloodwork my physician (who is no longer my physician) writes a referral to a general surgeon. Whom I can't see for another two weeks. Granted, by this point in time, I have already been ill for nearly two weeks already. My head hurts from the constant throwing up and diarrhea, I am dizzy and lightheaded from the lack of food. I just can't take it any more.
We go to the ER on my old (and now current) physician's advice and when I get there my BP is very high, I'm running a fever and I am just plain worn out.
They give me a GI cocktail to numb my stomach lining and run a panel of blood work. All comes back normal (they didn't run thyroid) and they diagnose me with Gastritis. They tell me if I take it easy and slowly reintroduce foods, I should be OK. They prescribe an anti-nausea med so I can keep food in and an antacid pill and it helps, but it takes quite a while to get foods back to normal.
It isn't until sometime in December that I am able to do raw vegetables again without stomach distress.
January 3 I start my new healthier lifestyle. I am eating fruits and veggies and whole grains and everything I should be eating. Still having problems with my leg/knee/calf but I am working through those.
Then on Wednesday, Jan. 16, I am eating a banana at work as part of my breakfast. I get about halfway in and I have an awful, terrible pain in my stomach. It's not my period, so no cramps there. I finish my banana and the stomach ache just grows worse. Within a couple hours it hurts to walk and the pressure and bloating in my abdomen are nearly unbearable. I have diarrhea three times at work. By the end of the day my stool is greyish green.
The symptoms continued Thursday. At times I couldn't breathe the pain was so bad. We had already planned a healthy food carry-in day and I have a few bites of fresh fruits and veggies. I realize I just can't do it and have a piece of pita bread and crackers. That's all I am able eat the entire rest of the day.
So I call and get an appointment at my family's doctor whom I used to go to and the nurse practitioner is able to see me on Friday. BP is OK, pulse is very high, I feel hot, am sweating, but no fever. He presses around on my stomach and I show him the rash I have on my right hand and across my abdomen and tell him my breasts and head itch like crazy too. He says that is important to know.
He thinks my thyroid dose may be too high and that can act as an autoimmune disorder. He also wanted to check me for Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis, ulcers and a few other things.
My STED test came back normal so probably not Crohn's or Diverticulitis, but not completely ruled out, my thyroid is STILL low and since I have a nodule on the gland I have to have an ultrasound to make sure it's not growing or changing shape (yikes!), my CBC is fine, so no virus or infection. My CRP (C-Reactive Protein) is pretty high, which means there is inflammation somewhere in my body. Could be the intestines or anywhere, and could be due to my thyroid disorder. We don't have the ulcer test results back yet but the next step is to have my gland looked at, raise my dose, have blood tests in a couple weeks. If the thyroid is regulated and the CRP number is still high and the intestinal symptoms persistent, then it's off to a GI specialist.
I have read enough about CRP to know I should stop reading until we get the tests, or I am going to freak myself out.
Has anyone EVER experienced anything like this in relation to thyroid or anything else?
You can send me a private message if you like.
Thanks in advance!
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