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Goal weight is close..but yet so far

Saturday, January 19, 2013

As I continue to obsess about being so close to goal, I realize I've reached familiar territory. During my teens and 20s I agonized over being so "fat". Looking back, I only had about 15-20 pounds to lose, but they might as well have been 100.

I understand now, why that weight was such a struggle. We now know that losing the last 10-15-20 pounds is NOTHING like losing the first 20-40-50 pounds. It's a totally different battle because it's harder to create a calorie deficit when you're close to a healthy weight. So, to continue losing weight you either have to eat less, move more or a combination of the two. And figuring out what combination of behaviors is the most effective and sustainable is tricky.

My 2 week stint on the South Beach phase 1 diet taught me that at this size, there is little room for error in my eating habits. I was averaging 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day and the weight just "fell off." But I can't sustain a diet like that. I like to eat dessert on occasion and I'm addicted to barbecue ribs. So how can I eat less/move more long enough to get to goal? That's the $64,000 question.

When I communicate with other maintainers on SP, they advise me to remove the deadline and focus on a healthy lifestyle because I have the rest of my life to lose the weight. I understand the intellectual argument, but emotionally, I need a goal that has a realistic deadline. Otherwise, I'll procrastinate and meander. Goals and deadlines are motivating and keep me focused.

So, here are some goals:
1) Lose 15-20 pounds by memorial day weekend. (That's less than 4 pounds a month)
2) Run a 12 minute mile by memorial day weekend. (Right now, I am jogging at 4 MPH)
3) Find a 5K race in my community that will take place in May/June and SIGN UP with a friend.

I am going to close this blog so I can google some local websites and find a 5K race.

Onward and downward!

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