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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last night at 1: 30 a.m., I practically begged my brother to go get some fast He had already had 3 slices of pizza at work though, and was heading to bed after working 10 hours. I of course was too lazy to drive myself, especially since he was low on gas, and it was 18 degrees outside. Plus, I didn't want to eat alone. So I didn't eat anything bad. I wasn't even hungry.

This morning I weighed in at 215.8, which is awesome. One pound from my January goal. I last reached 215.2 way back last spring, and been trying to get back since. I have gotten close 2 times, and fell back. The #1 reason I think I wanted to go eat last night was boredom, but 215 is looming also, and it is a large mental block. I last weighed 214 at 20 years of age, working 84 hours a week in a factory. Of course the year before I had gotten down to 183 by eating 1 meal a week, and working out every day, so I was on my way to 361 already, up 30 lbs. Working a bunch helped burn off some of the food I ate off the " roach coach ", which is the traveling food wagon. Youth helped some. I was slowly gaining though. A few years later I realized I hated factory work, and got a food service job, working 40 hours. So I worked less, and was near fast food... Wendy's. Weight gain sped up at that

I know I was probably at 215 only for a short time, but that summer I actually tried to stop eating poorly, and weighed in once at 215, and the number stuck in my head. Till now it has just been a memory. I could say.. " I weighed 215 back in 1994 ". By 1997 I was 280, and the rest is history. Other than that, I just can't wait to get past 215. I had a similar problem at 300. Took me multiple attempts, and 6 months to get past it. Of course I was capable of losing 2 lbs a day back, so I blew through it, and got down to 290 quickly, and haven't seen it since. Now I struggle to lose 4/10ths of a lb. I think it is pretty quick weight loss, but it will take a lot longer to get to 210, and forget 215.

Anyways, I am close, and on track thanks to my brother's guilt about eating I am down 2.2 since Sunday, and I doubt after pizza, that he is down 3 still. So I consider myself the front runner in the race to the camera. I am not sure that I will be playing basketball today. My ankles hurt a bit, so I may just walk for 90 mins, then go to the bank, and come home and do laundry. My brother works 3-1 tonight again, so I will be stranded again for 10 hours. I will try to avoid thinking of fast food tonight. I'll probably save a meal till he gets home, so I can eat that instead.

I ate my eggs already. I will have a snack around 3 p.m., then a meal at 7 p.m., and the other at 1 a.m. I may have to throw another snack in there. I already have the meals cooked up, so not much to do today. I started another Alex Berenson book, and nay nap through the afternoon.

Hope you have a wonderful day.
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CLPURNELL 1/22/2013 2:49PM

    forget that number and focus on the work. I have the same block right now 260. I havent been smaller than that since 18. So i know EXACTLY what you mean.

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ALISHAB3 1/19/2013 1:07PM

    I hear you. I have been close to mind blocked weight a couple of times, and I know that its just associated with bad things in my life. I also know, that I'm not the same person that I was at 19 years of age and I am much more capable in all aspects, even in keeping myself safe. Here is what you could try: every time the urge to eat something off plan comes up, sit down and journal what you are feeling. It doesn't have to be public or on the internet, the idea is to sit with the feeling until it comes up. If you eat, you won't know what that feeling is, it will be covered up. Then just imagine the sheet of paper becoming smaller and smaller until it dissolves into golden pieces of dust. Its just a mental trick, but after doing that a couple of times, you may find that its not as big a deal anymore.

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-POOKIE- 1/19/2013 12:28PM

    Why are we such strange creatures? I see myself doing well and I end up feeling the temptations to cheat? I dont really understand this.

Well done on the pizza victory even if it wasn't all your own strength!

Remember the camera!

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WOUBBIE 1/19/2013 11:06AM

    Don't you dare back away from 215, Russell!!! WE WANT A NEW PICTURE OF YOU!!!!

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