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Screeching Halt (literally)(picture not for squeamish!)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

OK! I can hardly believe this happened myself!! It was like an out of body experience. Daughter and I headed to national harbor on Thursday with the two kiddos. Found the new Children's Museum--no problem. Parked in garage across the street.
We had a good time. It's much smaller than I thought it would be but it wasn't crowded so the kids could interact with anything they wanted. And, they were having a great time. I was getting irritated at so many parents on their cells while the kids played alone. ARGH! We decided it was time to leave at about 1:30. Daughter and I had decided we would stop for a treat and then swing by the American Girl store for the granddaughter---just make a big day of it.
We get back to parking garage and are trying to find the pay booth. We are walking and looking--can't find anyone to help us. The kids are getting cranky. Granddaughter snaps at grandson who starts to cry and runs off into parking garage!!!! Daughter is scolding granddaughter; I am CHASING grandson. Cars are pulling out, etc. Obviously, the 3 year old is faster than the 62 year old but I'm running as fast as I can. I thought I should just stop but then he darted back by me heading out of garage and I really thought I could get him. (Yes, I know his behavior was unacceptable; that has been dealt with!)
So we're outside the garage; I'm gaining and as I reach out to grab him I lose my balance. I remember thinking "OMG this is gonna hurt!!) And, yes, it did. I went sliding on my frontside across the garage entrance driveway. I remember my head bouncing on the concrete. As I'm lying there assessing the damage my daughter is yelling and comes to my side. As I slowly roll over, she informs me (not so calmly) that I'm bleeding. I thought it was probably from my nose but, no, from a cut above my right eye! Well, you know how head wounds bleed! Yeah, not a pretty sight, I'm afraid. My daughter is running around trying to find someone with paper towels or any kind of help. Parking garage "guard" strolled out and looked at me; some police officers pulled up and stood around looking at me. As I answered some questions I realized I was missing part of my front tooth. They were amazed at the amount of damage I had been able to inflict on myself. LOL One asked if I was wearing heels. Well, no officer. I managed to do this in sneakers, can you just imagine me in heels? Another "guard" showed up--no idea who she was or where she came from--and called for ambulance.
Ok, so all this time I'm laying on the cold ground. The grandkids are sitting on a cold bench. One of the police officers did go over and talk to them; which was an exciting event for them. Of course, anything is better than just watching grandma bleed and moan!!
Now, this is the BEST part of the entire story. A lady pulled up in her car. Came running over to see what had happened. Assessed the situation; brought a stack of napkins out of her car for my head, brought a blanket out of her car to cover me and made a pillow out of a towel for my head. She eventually took the grandkids, put them in her back seat, covered them with blankets and cranked up her heat. They had a delightful time singing and talking with her. She had a car seat so they asked if she had a baby. She told them all about that baby. I wish I had gotten her name. She was an angel for us that day!!!!
Ambulance shows up; load me up. I tell daughter (who had called hubby, etc.)to take the kids home; I could go to hospital by myself. She didn't like that idea but, really??? A 5 and 3 year old in the ER??? No, thanks!!!
Arrived at hospital. Thank goodness nothing broken. 7 stitches above my eye. Lots of cleanup and meds on scraped hands.
On Friday, my entire body was a painball!!!! I hurt everywhere and was exhausted. Talked to dentist. His office is closed on Friday so he squeezed me in on Monday to fix the tooth. Called my doctor to schedule stitches out on Tuesday! Need to get in for new lenses in my glasses. YIKES!!! You should see those!! My kids came to see me. The stitches scared the grandkids. emoticon My hubby has been wonderful but he does chuckle every time he looks at me.
Today I feel better. Still a lot of pain but more muscle specific than yesterday. My eye is turning a lovely shade of purple but the swelling has gone down some.
What an adventure!! I'm so grateful that I broke nothing! I am more grateful for the angels out there who will stop and help. Blessings on that woman!!!!
Oh! it struck me that everyone (police, nurse, doctor, etc)were all shocked when I said I am 62 and have no health issues! Is it that unusual?
Ready for a quick healing!!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OOOWWWW!!!! I am so sorry you had such a tumble. Glad some helpful angels were nearby and you weren't seriously injured. Of course, I am sure the next day you were questioning that. Hope you have a speedy recovering and, my goodness, you look terrific in your pic....are you sure you are 62?
    1882 days ago
    I am so glad this story did not have a more tragic ending. From the title of the blog, and then reading about the child running loose in the garage, I was worried that some other, much worse, event might have happened. I am so sorry that you were injured in your attempts to keep your grandson safe and that you are now in pain. Thank goodness for that unknown woman, a true angel who ministered to your needs, all the more important since the authorities apparently did not have the compassion or the intelligence to do these things for you themselves. Wishing you a speedy recovery. And hoping that somehow this event has been a learning experience for the grandkids. emoticon emoticon

    PS---And yea for you being such a healthy grandmother!!
    1882 days ago
    BETH, I am so sorry to have missed this. I never saw many friends on my feed and that was why I tried to ask friends instead of the experts.
    I read your Blog and I am amazed at how well Grandma acted and how poorly these police people acted. The ray of sunshine was amazing too bad she is the unknown.
    I was squeamishly expecting much worse and I know it is very bad and painful.
    I must tell you now I know what you look like, I only looked at the profile pictures and I hardly saw your face before this one. I hope you will post it again when it is all well healed. You did an amazing job chasing your grandchild. HUGS and well done Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1882 days ago
    I'm so sorry I missed this. I can't believe that you didn't break anything, but I'm so grateful. You have such a great sense of humor about this. I agree that your angel woman will be blessed in the future.
    I'll keep watching for updates.
    I'm so glad you are healing and getting repaired.
    Hug (gently)
    1886 days ago
    Ow! You know grandkids are wonderful, but they can be a little hard on the health! Blaire did something similar to me on one of her visits and I just about had a heart attack before trying to run and get her.
    Thank heaven for the woman who came along to kind of take charge and get things under control. I would have thought the "guards" might have been a little more proactive. My oldest boy was once almost devoured by an escalator in the Boston Subway system and I had guards and metro police and managers falling all over me to help (mostly, I'm sure, trying to head off a law suit, but I fooled them I was happy with a replacement pair of jeans for the one the escalator chewed up right up the back of his leg and was grateful it wasn't his leg.)
    Any ways, take care of yourself. You did a great job telling the story. Even as I was cringing in horror, I was total heartfelt sympathy, I assure you, I could just see something like that happening to me.
    1887 days ago
    Wow, and ouch!!! What an event!! Glad you're not tooooo badly hurt though, and bless that woman for coming to help you and the grandkids. Thank goodness there are people like her in the world. :) And I'm glad you seem to have a good attitude about the whole thing!
    1887 days ago
    Ok, OWWWWW! *laughing* Oh Beth. You DO know how to have fun, don't you?

    I suspect grandson won't be running out of parking garages any time soon after grammie took a header. And, ummm shame on those "guards". They were as useful as teats on a bull (as my mother would have said).
    Here's to being 100% real soon.
    and ps... I love that you made me laugh even as I was thinking, "Oh Poor You" when I saw your photo. You're a hoot!
    1887 days ago
  • JAMER123
    emoticon Oh dear! That was a nasty spill! You appear to be able to heal quickly so the reminders to your DH won't be there for long:):) What an adventure that I hope not to take!! Good luck!
    1887 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon soon .. prayers for a speedy recovery.


    1887 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Oh my Gosh! What a story! While I was reading it I was praying that nothing had happened to your little grandson. People drive crazy in parking garages! I'm so sorry you tripped and fell, and hurt yourself. I'm sorry you have that bad cut, and bruises. What about a nice hot Epsom salt bath? Unfortunately when muscles receive trauma they don't always respond right away, and they have good memories! emoticon

    It struck me how indifferent the attendant and police were toward you. Thank goodness for that woman! She most definitely deserves a pair of wings!

    Hope your appointments go well and you are on your way to feeling better.

    Sending healing vibes your way . . .
    1887 days ago
    Oh, Beth, what an awful thing to happen! I'm glad you're okay, and the grandkids will sure have a lot to talk about. Blessings for fast healing!
    1888 days ago
    OH Beth!! I'm so sorry.
    You have such an amazing attitude. What an ordeal, I can't even imagine. I hate that people stood around you just looking but at least you had at least one angel emoticon
    Sheesh, I'm glad you are home now ..........unbelievable.

    emoticon emoticon
    1889 days ago
    OMG!!! You are lucky you aren't in a coma! I'm sure your grand children have learned a very valuable lesson from this. Of course, if your community is anything like ours everyone will think your hubby is a wife beater now. LOL.
    1889 days ago
    I am so sorry this happened to you but I am glad you are healing. As been mentioned by many of your friends it could have been worse. You were lucky to have had people around you that were caring. And despite your injuries you do look good for 62.

    Thoughts and prayers your way!
    1889 days ago
    Wow, that looks painful, but I am happy to see that beautiful smile. I loved reading your adventure even though it was very painful. So glad you didn't break any bones. Take care my friend.
    1889 days ago
    Oh goodness Beth, you did do a job on your face. Thank God that the little one did not get hit by a car, and for the Angel who came by and helped with the children and you by making you more comfortable.
    I can't believe the first people on the scene did not call for an ambulance.
    Hope that you'll be back in great shape soon, glasses & tooth fixed, and bruise and stitches gone. Prayers for healing.

    emoticon emoticon

    1890 days ago
    emoticon That looks painful! I hope you heal soon.
    I'm glad you had that good Samaritan stop; it sounds like she handled the situation better than the parking garage personnel and the officers!
    1890 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    I never get sick - I get hurt, and (when you add in two children of similar disposition) I've been on a first name basis with the local ER crew for years. Had a similar eye cut a few years back (to the side, rather than front) but had the ER use glue rather than stitches - mostly just to try something new. I'm very familiar with that, "Uh-oh. Here we go" feeling.

    Anyway, what an experience!!! emoticon Let's see....first of all, thank gods you weren't concussed or broke anything bony. I kinda feel sorry for your daughter, watching all this mayhem unfold. emoticon I'd say the police could use a little extra training time on emergency response (garage security is usually chosen according to size, rather than anything more, um, demanding.) That woman was an angel, indeed - we could all do well to remember what a (possibly literal) Godsend she was, and vow to act accordingly should a situation present itself to us.

    I agree with Wanda - hang onto that picture. You should be able to get a lot of mileage out of that one for *years* from your grandson.

    And I agree about the assumed health issues. I was forced to go to the doctor last week for a periodic check-up. They hadn't seen me in a couple years - asked why not, and I replied, somewhat puzzled, that there was nothing wrong with me. They checked all the stuff they checked with growing astonishment at the great results and congratulated me on my weight loss. I have a friend our age, and she's already planning for when she and her husband (also our age) are "old and fragile." I don't know about you, but I'm expecting that time to be a good 25-30 years from now, not next month! emoticon

    (Incidentally, in one of those weird SP synchronicities, I lost the cap off my front tooth Saturday evening.... *cue Twilight Zone music*)
    1890 days ago
  • WANDAC2013
    That was a day to remember! Thank God you're ok. You can use the picture in a few years to give your grandson a guilt trip though!
    1890 days ago
    Oh, my!
    What a scary way to end a wonderful day!
    Just the thought of the 3 yr old running around in traffic (even a garage) is terrifying.
    Then when you fell!
    What a horrible event.
    My dear mom fell flat on her face once (her arms were full and a strong breeze put her off balance) and had a broken nose and two black eyes that took many long months to heal.
    Speedy recovery, Beth!
    1890 days ago
    OMG Beth!! I'm so sorry this happened, although the way you told it had me picturing it like I was there. I'm so glad you were not more seriously injured! How are you feeling today? emoticon
    1890 days ago
    Glad you are basically ok... take care of yourself.
    1890 days ago
    Dang! You did a number on yourself! I'm glad that you are not more seriously injured. Age 62, no health problems. That is unusual. Not many 42 year olds can say that!
    1890 days ago
    Omigosh, Beth! Faceplants are never a good thing!

    What an angel that woman was. Isn't it amazing how angels appear sometimes when we need them, and the grandkids of course settled right down as soon as she did.

    I hope they took you more quickly than usual at the ER, given that you were bleeding copiously!

    By the way, even with your facial damage, you look pretty darn good for your age!!! And when you first started here at SparkPeople, could you have run like that through the garage? (There is always a ray of good news in life!)

    emoticon and wishes for a speedy recovery!
    1890 days ago
    I'm so glad you are OK!!! That was an adventure and I'm happy to know there are still good citizens willing to step in. I guess that's one trip to the harbor you won't soon forget!!!
    1890 days ago
  • CAT609
    I am so sorry that has happened to you! I hope you feel better soon. It's good to know there are good citizens out there with common sense and a willingness to help! emoticon
    1890 days ago
  • JANEDOE12345
    Oh, poor Bethie!! I wish you well, oh my, this made me ache from head to toe! Falling is bad news for anyone but we in the 60's can, as you said, really damage our selves.

    Oh, I am just shaking thinking how awful this had to have been, although you are very light in your description. Be sure the grand kids know there is no permanent damage.

    Great Big Hugs to you, poor little thing! Oh, how awful! And what a blessing that it is all going to be okay.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


    1890 days ago
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