Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well, here are the good things:

1. I am eating well. I cooked, and I haven't had anything fast foodie on the way home at night. This weekend, I will cook pork chops and potatoes and chicken with mushrooms to have on hand for meals, and maybe shop some for a few more meals. The emeals thing is GREAT, but I am still not energetic enough to deal with cooking when I get home, so healthy leftovers it is.

2. I am getting better about keeping track of those things which I need to get finished and actually completing them.

3. I emailed my homeroom families last night with all the missing work from LifeSkills...almost 15 kids were missing more than one assignment. Now to do math, language arts, science and history.

4. I am keeping up on "grading." I don't grade EVERYTHING, mind you, but for each lesson I take a temperature reading of how the kids are doing--most of what we do in class is practice, so it's not accurate or useful to use that as part of their grade unless it shows that they were able to do something well after a lesson if they bomb that part of the tests...

5. I am figuring out our grading program well..until today when it upgrades. Hopefully things will not be much different.

6. I am saying "no." when people ask me for things or to do things and (trying) to feel ok with it. I haven't explained myself to anyone all week, just said, "No, I'm sorry I can't...why don't you ask..." I have also said "no" to engaging the life suckers--those people who rant and rave about everything and suck the life (and time) out of you. Last night, I continued working just as diligently as I was before Erin arrived in my classroom...she kept talking..and talking...and talking, and when I wasn't engaging enough, she went home. I only lost about 10 minutes instead of an hour.

7. I am (acting like) I'm confident in my own knowledge/abilities professionally and standing UP for our profession so that others in it might follow suit. I might be coming off as bitchy, but if they don't want to take their job seriously, then perhaps they need to find another one (tho I'm not suggesting it out loud yet.)

8. I have taken time for me at night to vegetate and decompress and only felt moderately guilty about it instead of full on guilt tripped.

9. One scale or the other has shown a loss of poundage throughout the week. Yesterday, the digital one still told me I weigh somewhere between 191 and 208, depending on where it was on the floor (and sometimes that didn't matter.) but the other shows steady around the lower 180s, so we'll go with that.

The not so fabulous:

1. Last night, I caved. Baked Lays, Chocolate, and Dr. Pepper. And not in moderation.

2. I haven't run. I haven't exercised. I haven't lifted a weight....unless you count my backpack....that I lift often.

3. I've let the snarky comments of others said in passing about me as a professional get to me a little....and I've internalized it so I don't vent it inappropriately. I did discuss it a little with others in my lead team, so that they might offer suggestions on how I can deal with it. Essentially, while I'm a member of our "lead team," my own teammates see me as our director's "secretary" and not any sort of real "lead," so when I let them know of something that needs to be done, discussed, or taken care of, they blow it off. One even went so far as to go to the director to get a sense of what my "role" is because she couldn't fathom that as a teacher with less experience than her, I would be asked to be in a leadership role.

So that's my week. Today I am going to run a while, get caught up on Downton Abbey while I do it, and then go get my hair done. And perhaps I will take a nap.

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    Yeah you! Sounds like you are doing well setting boundaries.

    Isn't our profession so catty? You'd think that we'd all be supporting each other to be better teachers - but instead it's backstabbing and drama constantly (you should come to my school - it's like an episode of As the World Turns complete with affairs and other crazy things!). I'm over it!

    As for the running, well, I hear you. It's so hard to get motivated. Just glad that there's a little more light left......... Our half marathon is coming!!!!

    1882 days ago
    Amen on 6 and 7.

    I do have a problem with number 8. You can not feel guilty for taking time to meditate and think about your activities and thoughts for the day. That is how we grow mentally and emotionally. We need to reflect regularly on how we affect others by our actions or lack of actions. We need to take a few minutes to think about how we reacted to others actions. Then take time to adjust our thinking.

    About number 9. Throw that digital thing out!!! Every time you get on it and let it tell you an outrageous number, it might as well have a stick that reaches up and beats you. The damage to you is the same.

    1883 days ago
    Wow, quite a week for you! Your good definitely seems to be outweighing the bad - keep building on that. If you can add your run today, then you are ahead of the game. Life happens and it's not always easy to fit the exercise into our day. Yes, we are human and we will have those cave days. But the less often you have those days, and just adding exercise here and there, you will begin to change the patterns and build new habits. As for your snarky team teachers - just keep your head up. (A friend of mine is a high school teacher and I was shocked when she began teaching when she told me about the teacher politics and the cliques that they form.) I'm not sure how long you've been at it, but keep doing what you know to be right. Some people are just insecure themselves and the way they feel better, is to be snarky or belittling. Don't give them the power to change the way you feel.
    1883 days ago
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