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Even though I cry, I'm not dense. Writing really does help a lot!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

emoticon You really don't want to read this. I don't recommend it at all. I'm just documenting it on my blog because I wrote this on SP-- One of my biggest problems is I over analyze and doubt myself because of what a few people tell me. Writing what's on my mind really does help, and I'm over it now. :) Everything that I wrote in my past blog is just a memory now of one of my crappy days in college. This is to do the same. --------

Wow. Do you have that condescending attitude all the time? In real life, I don't say Christ's sake, I say christ sake, so that is how I typed it out. It's just a saying. Do you correct people when they type omg, or oh my god? I love how you boiled down my entire writing ability to these two words and acting as though all I wrote was incomprehensible gibberish. It is a BLOG not an MLA/APA paper. In a BLOG I normally put my thoughts down as quickly as possible to let off some steam and then continue on with my life. Are you saying all your written work is completely flawless, 100% of the time? I've never met an English teacher or professor that felt as though they can turn anything in without multiple revisions-- in fact it is quite the contrary. Impressive!

Ugh, the horror that I spelled the word "jeez" incorrectly. You also forgot to mention me capitalizing entire words. I don't think my English professors would have appreciated emoticons within my papers either. :(

The problem with the department chair is she very clearly stated they do not have an organized system in place for native/heritage speakers. To say that I offended her because I said it was "only Spanish," (which I only stated in my blog-- not to her face) I suppose I am offending myself in the process, considering it is the first language I ever learned. If you think I'm not passionate about my own heritage, you are sadly mistaken. If I'm not passionate and it didn't mean anything to me, I clearly would have let it go and moved on without much of a fight. Spanish is my minor, not my major. I've now moved on from it because of this so it's all done and over with now anyway. Also, if I didn't care, I wouldn't give you the time of day to write this response. If you think your ideas weren't brought up during the discussion, you are mistaken.

If I took a class at another university she couldn't guarantee the class transferring over to my university. She refused the awesome recommendation from my Uruguayan professor giving me his stamp of approval. She also refused it from the professor who I originally had class with this semester. After talking with him and seeing my writing, he came up to me after class and said something along the lines of "You shouldn't be in this class, I'll be honest, you can take the class if you want, and yes you will make mistakes, we all do, but you would be wasting your money and time because everything I teach in this class you already know." This comes from a Russian professor who speaks 5 languages. She didn't want to hear any of it, or even let me take an exam or have an evaluation. Even though, there is NO official system in place for native/heritage speakers-- there just aren't very many in WV for her to care. She just had to say "yes" and at that point I can sink or swim depending on my abilities. The only one responsible for my grade would have been me, and it only would have affected me, and no one else.

I would continue on with the details, but, if you want to know the tone she had with me, it was really similar to the way you expressed yourself. With the smile and all. I would talk to you about privilege, but I would hope that in your quest to learn Spanish, you would have learned a bit about that, and maybe some empathy as well. Guess not. Unless you don't live it you don't really "get" it. Kind of like most men being unable to see their privilege in comparison to women. It happens. Thanks for your input anyway. Sadly your problem-solving techniques weren't much different than my own. You really thought I was that dense to not come up with those simplistic ideas on my own, wow. I feel sorry for any Spanish native/heritage students that had you as a teacher. Really, I do.

Sorry if I came off a bit rude. You "deserved" it. ;)

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    Wow, I had to go read the comment she left. How rude, especially when you were already feeling so down. Very inappropriate.

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MAHGRET 1/19/2013 4:29PM


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GREEN_JEANS 1/19/2013 12:21PM

    I totally agree with you and felt the same way when I read your blog and the comments yesterday!

Also, I'm cracking up because on the side of your blog, there's an advertisement for a Grammar & Plagiarism Checker. Coincidence?


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CAKEMAKERMOM 1/19/2013 11:08AM

    I'm sorry you got a rude person who can hide behind the anonymity of the internet. It's amazing how someone can write a whole lengthy rude post and forget that someone that was vulnerable and hurt to begin with was venting and basically just wanted a few hugs. I got a "grammar checker" on one of my blogs about "daylight savings time" who decided to tell me that I was wrong adding the "s" onto saving. I looked it up and lo and behold I was right!

Keep being you and keep on going because you will succeed in all the goals you want even though there are people who come off sounding like they feel the need to correct people. You can't be anything but you, so continue being the best you that you can be!

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