I'm so disgusted with the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

My dad can't feed himself, I went there this afternoon I saw food just left there for him... I fed him and then my brother went and asked how much my dad ate and they said nothing... the nurse said to the CNA did u feed him? no he can feed himself... WHAT?????????????? he can't feed himself!!!! I told the nurse if that CNA isn't there to help patients then she shouldn't be working there , there are plenty of people that would love the job.....
I'm glad my brother went off on them finally he grew a set and said something! They have two small girls doing physical therapy with my dad now my dad is 240 and he refuses to get off the bed cause he's afraid he's going to fall and they can't hold him up... He knows he has to do PT but he's afraid your talking about a man that almost died a week ago!
I told the nurse off, I said he's not getting good care there and that's my dad think if it was your dad how upset you'd be! She said I understand your frustration, I said my dad is calling me very confused, I asked her to check is oxygen level and I also asked when he had his last blood gases taken she said the 13th I said u leave a note for the doctor I'd like his gases done cause when he has too much Co2 he gets confused.....
We pay so much for insurance expecting good healthcare and then you get people who don't want to even do their jobs!
I use to be a medical assistant before I got sick I was so good with my patients there is no need for incompetence ... I'm really fed up with this hospital!
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    I agree with Diane7786 get a pt advocate speak with the manager etc. Unfortunately hospitals are understaffed nurses are caring for 6-8 pts all of varing degrees and different disease processes and are pulled extremely thin and unless you have worked in such conditions it is hard to understand...nurses are going straight without breaks being mandated to work overtime and with the flu season hitting hard all beds in the hospital are filled but hospitals won't pay to get more nurses to assist in the care of those like your Dad who require full care. It is truly depressing for the cost of a visit you should be getting all the care that is needed and in a dignified way. Both ends are getting poor treatment both the patient and the nurse from administration something needs to be done. I wish you well..speak up for what you need but as sad as this may sound the squaky wheel gets oiled but the kind one also gets a little more attention...if you come off as also understanding but persistant they will remember how kind and concerned the family is and hopefully your Dad is the benefactor of that.
    1887 days ago
    OH I SO KNOW!!!!! same when mum was in hospital, oh she didnt eat, yea well did you help her. So my dd quit her job and stayed with mum daily at the hosp. this is a girl that hates messy and sick and won't go to a dr. but she loved her nanny. I think it got to me so bad, cos one it was my mum and 2 I am a CNA ( cca in Canada but same thing) and I would NEVeR treat someone like that, Often I went with out my break or lunch to feed or shower someone. and as to the PT I also agree, if you don't have the confidence in someone being able to hold you up you don't want to move. It became a problem for some of my old folks when i worked in the nursing home, they knew my back was bad or hurting and they would say no dear I don't need to get up etc.
    so HUGS and glad your dad has someone on his side!!!
    1887 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    It would be good to talk to the hospital's patient advocate, case worker or administrator. Many hospital employees are incompetent. It's best to have a family member or friend with a patient most of the time to monitor care. Keep a notebook of everything, both good and bad, including employee names, what was done by employee, time of meals, vitals, the patient's comments, visitors. Later it could be a good personal medical record.
    1887 days ago
    I agree with Mormonnomore2. They should also have a patient advocate you can talk to. And a caseworker. Make noise. And you don't have to wait until Monday to do so. I will say an extra prayer for you tonight. emoticon
    1887 days ago
    Go to the hospital administrator and lodge a complaint. If the Administrator does not want to speak to you, advise him or her that you will speak to your attorney. Good luck to you and your father. Praying for you.
    1887 days ago
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