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Just Don・t Ask Why or How

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Day: The readers of my blog are going to think I・ve totally lost it or I・m making it up. You can・t make this stuff up.

Day 3 of Positive thinking as described by The Secret. I started listing the things I am grateful for, in my audio journal on the way to work. I also continued positive thinking throughout the dayK I am happy, I am prosperous, I am healthy, etc. I listed the things I really want in my life, in my audio journal on the way home from work.

Remember yesterday how I said that the mailbox had always been a stressor for me? It・s the surprise in it. It・s that feeling that nothing good ever comes? So, I put a positive spin on it and kept thinking MONEY! LOL!

This morning I get a text from my daughter. Without getting too much into it, a bill is going to be reduced that will give her comfort and relief (MONEY)K which makes me very happy!

This afternoon, after months of battle with my bank over a bill and an amount we felt was owed to us, it was reduced and we will probably receive a refund. (MONEY!)

By the way, there was nothing in the mailbox today

Now all of this may just be coincidence but I have to admit that I felt great the entire day; like I could conquer the world. It also seems strange given I・m getting over the flu. The Power of Positive Thinking Prevailed!

My Diet:
I・m getting back on track since having the flu this week. I haven・t really logged my food all week nor have I exercised. I have been spinning the wheel and doing the other Spark goals I set for myself. I・m going to weigh in tomorrow. I・m expecting to see a plus sign where a minus sign should be but it・s not the end of the world. I will attain my goal weight.

My Resolution:
Yesterday I chose a drawer in my desk for the 15 minute declutter. It expanded to an hour and 4 drawers. Did I really need paystubs from 2004? Checks from a checking account long since closed? I・m motivated to finish the other two drawers tonight.

FlyLady Friday is clean out your purse, briefcase and car. Done. Today is clean the baseboards in the guest bathroom. I did that and all the baseboards in the house a few days agoK. Except behind the toilets (Ugh) so I・ll do those tonight.

My sink is shiny, I know what・s for dinner tonight, the Mount Washamore is being tended to and I・m emptying the dishes in the dishwasher. Just like routine clockwork and no more stress!
Saturday is :Family Fun Day.; This girl is going to have fun decluttering. I have a massive list that I want to complete. Oh and Bless the House, too. Who knew you could literally clean your home in less than an hour? It can be done, I proved it last week!

I・ve rambled on long enough K time to hit the ground running again!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have found quite a bit of change. A week ago, I collected some old jewelry and took it to the pawn shop. I was shocked when they gave me $170!

    Like you, it has helped me gain some clarity. I seem to have a bit more time now as well, to do things that I enjoy .... like blogging :)
    1372 days ago

    Decluttering will also help you to attract more things you want. It always helps me gain clarity! Sometimes after I clear a lot of stuff out I either make money or find money I didn't know I had! One time I found a gift card and 50.00 in change!

    emoticon emoticon
    1372 days ago
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