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Met all nutritional needs day 1 and 2

Friday, January 18, 2013

Link I want to remember

Half and half 2 tbsp
Pear fresh
Coffee 2 cups
Sugar 2 tsp
Cheerios 1 cup
Milk non fat 1 cup

Atlantic salmon
Romaine lettuce 4 cups
Salade dressing low cal 4 ts

Atlantic salmon
Romaine lettuce 3 cups
Plain yorurt .5 cup
1 tsp olive oïl
Lemon slice 2
Small bread roll 60 cal.

2 tsp sugar
1tbsp Cocoa powder
1 cup milk

on Jan 15th
Calories My Goal – 1230-1580 Today – 1466
Eating the right amount of calories can help you manage your weight and get the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

Fat My Goal – 27-61 Today – 36
You are eating the right amount of dietary fat to help your body stay healthy!

Carbohydrates My Goal – 138-257 Today – 205
Carbohydrates provide your muscles and your mind with energy. You're eating the right amount to fuel both

Protein My Goal – 60-138 Today – 86
You know that protein is an essential nutrient, and you're doing a great job of meeting your body's needs

Folate, total My Goal – 100-250 Today – 227
Folate (folic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for normal cell division among other things. You met your 400 mcg daily requirement!

Cholesterol My Goal – 0-300 Today – 127
Dietary cholesterol is a building block of body cells and hormones. It makes up 50 percent of your nervous system and is necessary for metabolism. In moderate amounts, like you consumed today, it is essential to good health

Fiber, total dietary My Goal – 21-25 Today – 22
Fiber is an important nutrient for health and weight management, and your intake is where it should be.

Jan 25
Half and Half Cream, 2 tbsp
Milk, nonfat, 1 cup
Cheerio Multi Grain 1 cup,
Regular Coffee, 2 cup (8 fl oz)

Salad dressing, KRAFT, Caesar Italian FREE, 1 tbsp
Pears, fresh, 1 pear, small
Milk, 2%, 1 cup
Mayonnaise, regular (mayo), 1 tbsp
Celery, raw, 0.5 cup, diced
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 1 inner leaf
Red Ripe Tomatoes, 0.5 cup cherry tomatoes
Turkey breast meat, 2 slices
Flour Tortillas, 1 oz

Dinner clam chowder
Celery, raw, 2 tbsp
Onions, raw, 0.5 cup, chopped
Green Peppers (bell peppers), 0.5 cup, strips
Tomato juice, without salt added, 1 cup
Clams, canned, meat only, 0.5 cup
Patato (Baked) no salt, 0.5 serving

Strawberries, fresh, 1 cup, halves
Yogurt, plain, low fat, 0.5 cup
Banana, fresh, 1 small

For diabetes link The owner of a drug store walks in to find a guy leaning heavily against a wall. The owner asks the clerk, "What's with that guy over there by the wall?"

I believe it should be "Always eat a Protein with a Carb" meaning that while you can have a protein by itself, you should NEVER EVER have a carb by itself
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