I'm in Cell Phone Hell

Friday, January 18, 2013

I am not a techno-geek.

I do not have to have the latest gadget or newest deal. I don't know (or care) what the difference is between Android/SmartPhone/4G/3G. I actually resisted even getting a phone for years. The only thing I do insist on is an actual key board so I don't have to count how many times I pressed a button to type "Hi Joe." (I almost always end up typing "IG J6F" before I get completely aggravated and yell "74IT.'

Anyway - I need a new phone. I do not think there is anything more frustrating than having to get a new phone. My current blackberry is lodged in an irretrievable spot in the truck. Irretrievable unless we want to disassemble the entire dash, etc.

So I went into the store and asked to get a new phone. First I needed to pay the balance off on the old phone. So I did. Then I told the guy I do not want to buy a new phone that costs $300. "No problem" says the guy who finds me a phone for $50. Then sets me up a with a phone that I get the privilege of paying $15/month for 15 months. So it is $300. When I point this out to the salesman, he says, "well you pay for it over 15 months." I explained it is still $300. Then he says that I can pay it off early. I said - but it is still $300. He could not understand that at all.

So I go online and try to buy a phone. This is the ad:
phone: retail 399.00
discount: 250.00
internet discount: 149.99
Cost: FREE

So I call the cell phone company and tell her what happened to my phone and to please explain what the actual cost is for the FREE phone. $350.00.

Then she wants me to log into my online account so I can get the internet discounts. Only - my password won't work. So she tells me to request a new password.

Now - this is tech support/sales. I had to explain to her that her company will send me a new password via text. She said - "that is correct."


"Ma'am - if I had a phone here to accept a text with my new password - I wouldn't be trying to buy a phone."
"Oh. Well - just request a new password."
"And how will I get it?"
(I love this one.)
"Take your sim card from your phone and put it in another phone so you can get the text."
"Again, ma'am, I have no phone to get the sim card and if I had another phone to put the sim card that I don't have into, I would not only have the phone I'm calling about but also a back up phone and would not be needing ... a phone."

Totally lost on her.

So - after an hour of no online help, I find myself still with no phone and no shot of getting a new phone because I have no existing phone to retrieve a sim card to place into backup phone to receive a text message to reset my password so I can buy a new free phone that costs $300 to replace the lost phone and make a backup phone an unused phone until I lose the expensive free phone.

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  • KERRYG155
    Had to check out this blog!! LOL I don't need a fancy phone either and only got one when my daughter and son-in-law decided I needed one since I was sitting their kids. Anyway , I have Virgin Mobile-you can pick up a phone at Target,Walmart, etc, or even online. I pay $25 a month for 300 minutes and unlimited text and web. My husband has metro pcs and pays $40 for unlimited phone and text-he says 'kinda' on the web. I think that depends on how fancy a phone you select but at the monthly prices you may be able to get a better phone. Something to think about. Otherwise, maybe a friend can get yours out of it's predicament without charging and arm and a leg.
    1887 days ago
    Hi, here is a solution to your problem. Go to your cell phone store and get a new sim card (don't know if there is a charge), request your new id/password, borrow a phone from the people in the store, and your text will be sent to the store phone. You can then go online and order your phone.

    I know that was frustrating; however, your blogs are so entertaining.

    1887 days ago
    Oh wow, that is a bit special. Can they not just email you a new password?
    1888 days ago
    Wow! Does it really have to be so complicated? Geez. My phone needs are just like yours and I have resisted getting a new phone for same reasons. Mine is almost 4 years old so I know it will die someday and I will have to choose a user friendly replacement. I wish you luck!
    1889 days ago
    TOO FUNNY!! A really great blog!!

    Bossdear and I signed up with Tracfone. Very low tech, basically, just a phone. Two phones cost us less than$20. There is no contract, and our monthly charge is less than $18. Granted, we don't get many minutes, but we seldom use them anyway and we don't text, so it works fine for us.

    Thanks again for the laugh of the day.

    1889 days ago
    I am a basic phone user myself..don't even text...don't know how..I can get them and read them but then have to call to answer..I don't need a smart was on Verizon and when our plan ran out, called to ask for a simple phone with a plan that cost less..they lied the first time we did this and said they gave us an old folks of $3per month and less after this plan ran out we found that we could buy straight talk phones for $ plan..and we get 1000 minutes per month for $30. Hubby got one and I got one..initial cost for the phones was $120...savings there..then with the cost of both phones with tax amounts to $66 per opposed to $92 with more minutes...we even set it up for auto-billing so we know to deduct $66 every month..really would like something cheaper in the way of a plan but this will do..where we live, we are limited in what towers we can use..Verizon is the only one..but Straight talk buys up what they don't use and then gives a discount for their check that out.
    1889 days ago
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