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Friday, January 18, 2013

Brass Kitchen Utensils

Paataa-Varvantaa or Sil Battaa used to grind our Curry pastes,Chutneys and Masalas.I used a similar one to grind shredded Fresh Coconut to a fine Paste--also to extract the Milk.

A "Ragdaa" used in the South and South western Regions of India.This is a huge Stone Vessel with a round Stone which is rotated with alternate hands to grind the Stuff fine.Serves the same purpose as the above and also grinds the Batter for Idlies,Dosais and Vadais.

The Flour Mill Stone.This was used by both my Grandmas to grind Grain and Pulses to Flour.

Biryani Handis---Best Vessel to cook Biryanis in!!

A "Paraat"--the Utensil used for kneading Dough

A Deghra for cooking Food over a Slow Flame.Used mainly for Dum Cooking in which Food would be sealed in under a layer of Dough Cover thereby trapping all the taste and flavour in the Vessel itself.

A "Langdi" used for cooking Fish Curries and baked dishes.The hot Coals would be heaped on the Lid while it cooked on a Coal stove--ensuring an even browning on both the top and bottom layers of the Dish.

Also called "Degchi" or "Patili"

A Handi for cooking various Curries

A "Gunza" for warming Milk and cooking Dal

Indian "Kadhai" or Wok for multi purpose Cooking and deep frying

A "Kalshee" used to carry Water,Milk and other Liquids

A "Degchi" for cooking Rice in

A "Tope" for Multipurpose cooking mainly used to cook Milk based Puddings called "Kheer"
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