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What do you do when the scale doesn't agree with you?

Friday, January 18, 2013

You feel grand when the scale is going down while you're trying to lose weight! You must have been doing something right and it's releasing all the fat you had gained! It makes you want to keep on going!

Then you come to that first week where the scale doesn't move or worse yet you gained a little bit. You wonder what you did wrong. You couldn't have done anything to do that!

So what do you do then? The scale didn't agree, so should you get depressed and throw in the towel for a non-loss? Do you go back to your go-to food? Do you just sit around and grumble? Do you decide you'll just go and binge the rest of the day?

You know what you should do? You've been using the trackers, right? It should all be there in writing. You go back and look at what you did. Did you eat in your ranges, too much or too little for the amount of movement you do can stop the weight loss. Did you eat in your range, but not move as much this week? Did you have a salty day before you weighed in? Have you been working out hard enough that you're gaining more muscle than losing fat? Did you lose enough weight that you should have reset your trackers and you really should be eating a little less?

You must remember that there are a number of factors that stall weight loss. But no matter what it is, you should not give up! You've come this far and it's not worth giving up. Try measuring again to see what your inches are. Remember how hard it was to walk when you first started. Congratulate yourself on how far you've come! Change up something you're doing. Add weights to your routine or do some yoga or any body bearing exercises. Try a new video or class, but don't just decide to sit on your butt and give up.

The scale is just one part of your new way of life. It may not have as much of a hold on you later as it might right now. It should not determine how you feel about the day. You are getting stronger every day! It can go either way on a daily basis, but you know that it will downward trend over a long time. You show that scale how well you're doing by not giving it the power to determine your day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • TANYA602
    I was convinced my scale was BROKEN! It didn't move once (even a 10th) from Thanksgiving to yesterday. Guess it's my body saying something about where I am and wondering if this is where I need to stay.
    1793 days ago
    My weight loss stalled and it turned out i was eating more calories compensating for a terrible protein craving. So I got some protein shakes and I am back on track with active weight loss. Yay. I totally agree with this post. Even though the scale is going down, it has it's bumps in the graph.

    1794 days ago
    Much agreed! Thanks for posting! Right on!
    1794 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    You said it!!! Let's keep on pushing because we know we can! emoticon
    1794 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Very good blog, and never give up is definately a must.
    1794 days ago
  • CC3833
    I am so with you on this! I am not a fan of the scale. I think it can be used as a tool but there are so many variables! I am big on the tape measure though, I feel this is a more reliable form of measurement. I do both. Glad you put this one out there I tell people this all the time... and sometimes I even forget :-O
    1795 days ago
    Great post! This is another reason why I love tracking everything. If you monitor your weight along with your nutrition and exercise, you can learn so much about how your body works. I also weigh myself daily at the same time for the reasons NINJA_SMOO mentioned below. I think a lot of people avoid daily weigh-ins because they put too much emphasis on the number and the related shame or excitement. I only look for trends rather than specific numbers and I only record my weight during my official weekly weigh in.
    1795 days ago
    I hate it that the scale does not show the weight loss to which I feel entitled! Then the very next day, it does just that. Weight just varies day after day for whatever reason. I don't let it upset me. I just like the looks of the lower numbers!
    I weigh every day, but just as a reminder to keep working and to stay on track. As long as at the end of the month I show a little progress, I am happy. I am a very slow loser so progress may only be a pound, but a pound a month adds up to 12 a year which is just about what I need to lose this year to be at goal.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    1795 days ago
    The fluctuations are part of the reason I weigh myself daily, at the same time every day. If I see an increase one day, but can recognize that I ate a lot of sodium a day or two before I know that it's not a true gain (unless I was reeeeeallly bad), but just that I'm bloated due to the extra sodium and my weight will level out in a day or two. If I only weighed myself once a week or less I wouldn't have been able to recognise those patterns. Same with monthly hormonal patterns. I know that the week before my period I'll see a couple pound gain, but the week of I'll go back to normal. Just a few examples, but there are lots of circumstances that could effect people's weight temporarily one way or another.
    1795 days ago
  • QUAIL75
    It's so true! I'm trying not to weigh myself every day because I can fluctuate 2-3 pounds depending upon what I've eaten and what exercise I've done.
    1795 days ago
    The scale is a big liar! emoticon

    Measuring inches is really a lot more accurate Great blog and so, so true..
    1795 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Usually the scale acts up when I have too much salt, and water gain, and I know it is not forever that extra weight.

    I suppose my first reaction is to get a hammer and bash the scale, but I never follow through of couse, hee hee.
    1795 days ago
    SO true. The scale is the devil sometimes. I'm trying to stay off it as much as possible.

    Have a great day!

    1795 days ago

    LOVE your blog!!
    1795 days ago
    These are true words of wisdom! Thanks for sharing.
    1795 days ago
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